Visits With Family

We started our trip on July 4th—my Nana’s birthday.  She turned 84.  She is the oldest lady in her excercise class.  During the summer they get in the community pool to excercise.  She bought a bathing suit through the mail two years ago to do this and she sent one back because she said she looked like a beached whale.  She hadn’t been in the pool since I was in like middle school—it had been like 15 years.  She loves being back in it.  She is such a special lady.  I am so thankful to have her as my Grandma. 

Then we travelled to Dayton to stay with Brian’s sister, Auntie V and the girls, Taylor and Summer. Thought I’d share some photos from the visit.

We did some painting outside.  Taylor made a Michigan sign to spite Brian.  Auntie V let all four kids paint the side of her house—what a fun aunt!

All of our kids are so cuddly, we would find them cuddling with each other all the time. 


After we spent the week in WL, we made a visit to Indy and saw Brian’s mom, sister and Grandma.

We ate lunch at this place called Yats.  It was really yummy cajun style food—my first time eating any. We had this to drink. This is the first time we’ve ever seen it bottled and cold.  The brand was Bombilla and Gourd, it had several different flavors.    

We then went up to Cleveland to vist Brian’s Dad and stepmom.  He also got birth certificates while we were there.  We also saw Joey(Brian’s brother—he’s moving to Phoenix next month for a new job.  I think he’s lived in OH his whole life.  This will be quite a change for him.  We’re hoping to see him at Christmas before we leave the country.
So, we saw all of Brian’s family on this trip.  I’ll spare you all the drama, but Brian scanned baby pictures while we were at his mom’s and she told many stories while going through the pictures.  We showed Joe and Ada the scanned pictures and Joey  and Veronica too.  All the stories from the four perspectives were interesting and almost all different.  Brian doesn’t have a very good memory so a lot of details were filled in and even took the place of things we were thinking were true and weren’t.  I don’t know that any of that makes sense because I am not too great at explaining things in writing.  But, it was an adventure and Brian and I learned a lot from it.  Someday I will share with some of you the depth of this adventure. 

The last leg of our trip was driving through Columbus, OH to get Brian’s birth certs authenticated.  So–we now have his and mine completed.  We now have to get Malachi and Elijah’s and get the special seals for all three boys’ copies.  Brian’s renewed passport and Zeke’s passport are all with us now. 

Update on Gor5—
Brian:  He flew out yesterday to Mississipi.  He’s feeling much better. We are all thankful he didn’t have meningitis.

Tara:  I’m thankful for going out to dinner last night with Mom and Tony.  Erika came over last night to catch up and chat.  Tonight Erika and her parents brought over pizza for dinner and we played at the playground with the boys.  They read bed time stories to the boys too. Erika and her parent’s are so good with kids and really know how to play and interact with them.  I love that they love my kids and want to play with them.

Malachi:  He bit Elijah for the first time today.  He’s had some rageful screaming at his brother the last two days.

Elijah:  He’s also had some rageful screaming at his brother the last two days.  (Why did they have to wait until Brian was gone to do this?)

Zeke:  He’s laughing a lot more and today he cried two times when other people tried to hold him.  He is now in the mommy preference stage.  I don’t mind! =)

So this is an extremely long post.  I enjoyed it, I hope it wasn’t too cumbersome to you all.  Good night.


4 thoughts on “Visits With Family”

  1. Great pictures. Your grandma is beautiful. Reading about your document-getting has reminded me that I have lots more to do! I need to pull that to do list back out now that things have slowed down again. How cool that you got to eat at Yats! It’s definitely a fixture of Indy. Isn’t it funny how trendy mate (flavored) things are becoming? 🙂 Praying that you’ll have extra energy while Brian’s away!

  2. Your nana looks really great.  What a fun lady.  I’m so glad you guys could have this time with family.  I look forward to hearing more about it.  Hmm…Yats.  Sounds good.  I’ve never eaten there.  The mate tea is hilarious.  Especially so because mate drunk in tea form like that down here is what you do when you can’t afford the real thing.  It makes me laugh to think how much it probably cost.  Sorry about the rageful screaming.  I’m praying for you…and the kids. 

  3. It was fun to see all the pictures and hear more about your trip.  I’m glad that you were able to see lots of family too.  The pictures of the cousins at Veronica’s were so fun–it looked like they had a blast painting and really enjoy being together.  Glad Brian is feeling better now and that you are getting some help and getting out with the kids while he’s gone too.  I’m glad to know my kids aren’t the only ones that scream at each other, but sorry you have to deal with it.  Praying for all of you!

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