The End

Brian will be returning home at approximately 3 am Saturday morning, he’ll be getting a ride home. 

We’ve had an eventful week.  I had help putting the boys to bed three nights.  Mom and Tony came over to help one night and Erika came over the other nights.  This week we had several play dates and got to see two of my friends’ new babies.  One had a little boy Caleb and the other had a little girl, Alethia.  Very cute little babies.  I didn’t have to make dinner four of the nights.  It was so wonderful and so generous to be taken out, ordered in, and invited over–twice. We’ve gotten in the little pool, played outside, gone on walks, played on the playground, took a trip to Target and to Calvert County’s new (second) Wal-Mart, went for ice cream  and even went to get pictures taken.  My mom went with us.  I’m waiting for a link to show how well they turned out.  It went amazingly well.  Zeke got a little fussy at the end, when it was his turn for his individual shot.  We only got one good one.  We got a good one of the four shots I wanted, one with all three and an individual one of all three.  Malachi did fabulous, he posed exactly how the lady told him to.  Elijah wasn’t very cooperative but one of them turned out just perfect. 

Some quotes and milestones from the week–

1.  Malachi asked me to spank him while we were at the mall to get pictures.  He was disobeying me and we were in a store and he said, “Mama, spank me.”  I told him I’d wait until we got to the van.  Ten minutes later at the van, he said, “Mama, you need to spank me.”  I’ve been extremely consistent with my discipline this week—I was surprised by his reminder at the van.

2. Malachi told me he had sand in his eyes the other day.  I helped him get the eye boogies out of his eyes.

3. Zeke started razzing two days ago.  He is slobbering everywhere now!

4.  Zeke started sleeping 6 to 9 hours again this week.  The travelling had thrown him off—but it’s coming back!!!

5.  Elijah has started praying more and more this week.  He’s been thankful and he’s also said sorry to Jesus many time this week. It is so sweet listening to him do this, his explanations are incredible and so sincere. 

I’ve lost track of the rest of the sayings and stories. They are floating around in my brain, but I just can’t quite fetch them right now.

 Thanks to the many of you praying for us this week. 


7 thoughts on “The End”

  1. I’m so glad you were able to have help this week–it sounds like it went really well!  You guys did lots of stuff too, that’s great, that always makes those times when Jon’s away go so much quicker when we have plenty to do!  And, the pictures sounded like they turned out really good too, I’m so impressed that you got four good poses–that is wonderful, can’t wait to see them!  Hope you all have really good family time with Brian this weekend.  Isn’t that great for Barbie??  I was so excited for her!!  I talked to her tonight and she said she had just got done talking to you=)

  2. That is so great that you had people helping out.  And that Brian is back today!  Your quotes and milestones were so funny and sweet.  I can’t believe Malachi reminded you to spank him.  You guys must be doing a great job.  Can’t wait to see those pictures you had taken!

  3. I’ve been thinking about you a lot this week. Thanks for letting us know how everything went. It sounds like it couldn’t have gone better. It’s so nice to hear that your family was such a big help- that is so great. Hooray for Zeke sleeping! That’s awesome.

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