Tales from the Gorniks

I remembered the other stories I couldn’t remember for my last post and a few more milestones from the last few days.

1.  Zeke slept 10 hours last night!!  I am so thrilled.
2.  Elijah’s been sleeping with a basketball for naps and bedtime.  Brian’s thrilled. 
3.  As soon as Elijah wakes up, he asks–“outside?”  He wants to go shoot hoops on the porch. 
4.  Malachi and Elijah’s conversation at the book shelf yesterday:   
    E: Look Chi, look Chi, look Chi!!!!!!!
    M: Shhh, I’m reading Elijah!
    E: Look Chi, look Chi, look Chi!
    M: (from book) 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10……..
    E: Look Chi, look Chi, look Chi!!!!
    M: (looks at E’s book) Oh, I see, I see.
    E: Look Chi, look Chi, look Chi!!!
    M: Shh, don’t talk to me while I’m reading!!!!
    E: Look Chi, a tree, look Chi!!
and this dialog continued for about 10 minutes.  It was really, really cute to observe.
5. Malachi’s new words, “mazagine” for magazine and “skisomo kiss” for eskimo kiss.

My brain has forgotten the rest, I had more and I just can’t retrieve them. 
It’s been great to have Brian home.  I missed him.
Have any of you lost a toenail?  I just lost my first one.  I stubbed my pinky really, really bad about 6 weeks ago and my toenail fell off today.  Does it take a long time to grow back, did it hurt when it was growing?
 I really wanted to write more, but my mind is a total blank.  Until I remember…..have a good night.


6 thoughts on “Tales from the Gorniks”

  1. Your boys are so sweet. I love that they are this close in age and are able to interact like this. Mazagine is really hard to say! I’ve lost my baby toenail once. It happened how you described- fell off a few weeks after I hit it. It didn’t really bother me while it grew back. Rich lost his big toe nail once. Eww. That seems a lot worse.

  2. I agree with Jil.  I think it’s so fun that your boys are close in age and can play together.  Their conversation was hilarious.  That’s so great that Zeke is sleeping!  It seriously makes me happy to think of moms getting sleep. 

  3. I think Zeke just gave hope to all those out there who are so leery about #3…10 hours. He’s the man. I’m glad you have Brian home too. We’re glad to be home too. But how crazy was the meningitis! I also loved reading how you 2 got together. I have a pic of us at that BNYC in overalls, and I remember the no dating for 1 yr. Oh, and our engagement. We were out to watch the sunrise on a canoe, he came up behind me, wrapped his arms around me, held out a ring, and asked me to marry him. He was hoping I wouldn’t tip the boat. I was very surprised, but surprisingly calm. Jake Bury and Will Green were hiding in the forest with their camera–we never saw them, but it’s fun to have some pics.

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