Zeke is 4 Months


Zeke was four months on Monday.  When Zeke is playing on the floor and I’m in the kitchen, I love peeking into the family room to check on him and seeing Malachi or Elijah playing with him.  I found Elijah playing “This little piggy” with Zeke the other day.  Yesterday, I was sitting on the floor playing with Zeke and Malachi wanted a snack. I knew Zeke would fuss if I got up, I told Malachi I would get his snack in a few minutes.  He suggested I get his snack and he’d talk to Zeke. Zeke did cry as I walked away and Malachi successfully calmed Zeke down by talking to him while I prepared the snack.  What a smart and sensitive kid.  I had to take the bumper pad off Zeke’s crib because he kept getting stuck under it.  The last few nights he’s fallen asleep on his side with his face smashed against it and his arm draped over it–very cute site.  He’s also rolled over to his belly several times this week to sleep. We’ve still had no luck with the bottle. 

Other news–
1.  This is my second week of running.  I got a new pair of running shoes this weekend.  They feel great! Sooo much better than my other shoes.  I had to get a wide—something I knew about my feet, but I’d always buy a brand of sneakers that was naturally wider.  So, I now own my first pair of wide shoes. 
2. Brian has his shoulder surgery tomorrow.  He has a slap tear in his labrum and his rotary cuff needs some cleaning up. He won’t be able to lift anything for 6 weeks and then he starts physical therapy.  So we’ll be getting rid of all our things and moving within that time period.  Pray for  healing for Brian and that he’d take it easy, because if he does any lifting, he could completely tear it and well that would be awful.  Pray for me as I take care of our kids with out Brian’s man power—I think I’m going to need super human strength.  Also tomorrow Bari will be taking care of Malachi and Elijah for like 7 hours.  My mom couldn’t do it because she had her ovarian cysts removed yesterday.  I’m feeling nervous about someone taking care of them that long–not because Bari isn’t capable but because it is so exhausting taking care of someone else’s kids for that length of time.  And well, they are at such a tough stage and there’s two of them who feed off of each other and I don’t really know what they will be like with her……I’ll stop. Please pray for all of us tomorrow.  Zeke will be with me at the hospital.
3.  Our schedule is going well.  It doesn’t go smoothly everyday, but I’ve gotten about 6 scrapbooking pages completed and several more Spanish lessons under my belt.  The boys seem to like the fun stuff I’ve been doing with them—like painting, sidewalk chalk, etc.  Plus I had a spontaneous playdate with a new neighbor.  She and her husband and 2 and 3 year old daughters just moved here from Queens, NYC. It was fun to talk about living in the city.

Brian and I have felt so drained recently and it’s really wearing on us.  I’ve been feeling really exhausted and cranky and emotional.  I hate it when I feel this way…..sorry this isn’t a more upbeat and encouraging entry


4 thoughts on “Zeke is 4 Months”

  1. It is so good to hear from you again!  It’s good to know what’s going on.  Tomorrow while I’m packing and then sitting on the plane, I’ll be praying for you guys…for Brian’s surgery and for the kids being with someone else all day.  And for you dealing with the stress of both of those things, not to mention the weeks to follow.  Yeah, I’ll be praying a lot for you.  That Zekey is so cute.  I can’t believe he is so big already.  I know everyone always says that about babies, but it’s still true.  I love hearing about Malachi helping out with him.  The thought that it could be like that is the only thing that makes me think having three could be doable.  I’m glad your schedule is still working.  I know how much it helps to keep accomplishing things, even when they are only little things.  Impressive scrap-booking! 

  2. I’ll be praying for you guys…for you while Brian is recovering.  And for Brian, as I’m sure it will be frustrating at times…not being able to help more. And good job with the running!  I haven’t been able to run since last week and I’m dying to get out there.  The schedule has been too busy though.. Keep up the great work!  And make sure to post and let us all know how best to be prayin’ over the next several weeks.

  3. Zeke is so sweet! I pray that Brian’s surgery goes well and that the older boys do okay without you. I will also pray for more energy for you guys in the weeks to come. I will pray that you can work as a team instead of clashing…we are like that when we get stressed.

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