The Eventful Day

Today had some good times, but there were some not so good times too.  For example, Zeke decided to wake up every three hours last night—crazy.  Maybe it was God’s way of waking me up to check on Brian.  He was on the couch last night because he needed to be propped up, he didn’t sleep at all.  He watched movies all night.  He just couldn’t get comfortable and he was waiting for the nerve block to wear off.  He was able to nap today and he’s been steadily taking pain killers.  This morning was terrible—just terrible.  The two older boys woke up at 6am and Brian let them come downstairs to play, I slept till about 6:45.  I took it from there and they were just at each other all morning.  It was just so exhausting, I gave them an early lunch and they napped a little earlier today.  Then Zeke and I went for a walk to the post office, I picked up several packages.  One was big enough that it wouldn’t fit in the bottom of the stroller, I had it on top of the stroller and then carried  it some of the way.  I got home and my phone wasn’t in the cupholder of the stroller anymore–what?!?  It was extremely hot here—felt like 105 degrees.  So I drove back to the post office hoping to catch a glimpse of my phone on the sidewalk along the way—maybe by some of the bumps I remembered going over.  Couldn’t find it–walked into the post office, asked the ladies, they hadn’t seen it, but one of them saw me leave with it still in the cupholder.  That was helpful.  I walked back a different path than the walk to the post office.  I drove back home and rewalked my path—nothing.  I even took Brian’s phone with me and called mine all along the way.  I kept getting my voicemail which means it must have had a really hard fall.  I left many voicemails hoping to hear the beeping it makes after a voicemail is received….but, nothing.  Brian started researching new phones for me tonight. I hated my phone anyway–it was a freebee with the plan.  It wasn’t very user friendly.  After cooling off in the a/c, I got a little nap while everyone else napped.  Someone from church brought us dinner tonight—that was one of the good times.  She made enough food to last us several days, just wonderful—truly, truly magnificent!!!! We even have a whole container of fruit salad and homemade chocolate chips—two of my favorite things.  Yummy! 

Two days ago I was changing Zeke’s crib sheet, he was on the floor and he wasn’t too happy.  I handed him a blanket that was from the Elledge’s—one of those really soft stroller blankets from Pottery Barn.  He loved it, he stopped crying immediately.  It was just very surprising.  I’ve been giving it to him to sleep ever since, he just loves it.  He has barely even cried the last few days for naps, he just snuggles right in and sucks his thumb—so I have my third blanket boy.

Happy, awake baby!

Napping, thumb sucking, cuddling blanket baby.

Elijah was on fire today.  He told me his basketball was his “favorite ball” today.  After he told me this he suggested we play outside.  This kid kept making shots.  He also tried moving the ball around his legs and bouncing it through his legs.  Every time he’d make a basket, he’d say–yes!! When he’d miss, he’d say—miss!  He didn’t miss many.  He also raised the hoop up higher and started back much further to make shots.  He’d take baby steps closer to get just the right distance from the hoop.  I’ve got to get this on video—that would do much better than my explanation. 

They love to play—

They are crammed into a plastic container.                                   

Zeke was making friends with the dolphin.


6 thoughts on “The Eventful Day”

  1. I’m so sorry it was such a hard day. I really am praying for you a lot. I hope you got good sleep last night and that today is better. Your kids are so amazingly cute. I love Zeke cuddling the blanket. Blanket babies are adorable. And that’s amazing about Elijah playing basketball. Brian must be thrilled.

  2. Oh, the sleeping picture is SO sweet! I love thumb-sucking pictures 🙂 Bummer about your phone! I hope you can get a good one soon. And hooray for someone making you food! That sounds so yummy! Hope life settles a little more today.

  3. Wow, what a day. I’m sorry it was so hard. The pictures of Zeke are so sweet. I can’t believe Elijah’s skills. Well, I can- but it’s still crazy. I hope today is better. I’m praying for you guys.

  4. I’m thinking of you and praying for you too–hope you are getting more sleep and the weekend goes much better.  I so remember how hard it was when Jon had his knee surgery and trying to adjust with the three little ones.  Some days were just awful…I’m praying those and few and far between for you.  I’m so glad that you got some food brought to you…you’re doing an amazing job–hang in there.   I agree that is so amazing about Elijah–that is so awesome!!  

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