I don’t have any other conclusive information about my aunt.  She had the surgery today, but I haven’t heard back about specifics.  I’ll find out tomorrow. 

I got to go out tonight!!!  It was so wonderful.  The ladies from that bible study (which isn’t meeting during the summer) met for coffee tonight.  I didn’t take any kids with me.  Jason came over to help Brian put the boys to bed.  Erika’s a part of this group too, so we went together.  I really like getting out with adults….really, really like it. 

Here’s the link to see the pictures we had taken of the boys: https://www.smilesbywire.com/home.asp?AC=LTP56101058010JCPSHR
Type in Marty Tipton for customer name and then click on the “click here” to view the pictures.  We chose 141, 142, 150 and 153. 


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  1. What adorable pictures!!! I’m so glad you were able to go out and have some adult conversation. It’s so nice. 🙂 We’re praying for your aunt. Let us know how the surgery went when you find out.

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