I called my cousin earlier this evening, she had to call me back and I still haven’t heard back from her.  What I do know is my aunt had a tumor that was wrapped around her brain, it looked like two tumors on the MRI.  The doctor got most of it out, the rest they’ll get with chemo and radiation.  She’s still in ICU and highly sedated.  I think the cancer she has is the same kind our friend, Bob, had. It is extremely aggressive, but isn’t in any other part of the body.  It sounds like I know a lot, but I don’t know how accurate all of that info is….so as I find out more I’ll let you know.  By the way, Bob is doing okay right now.  He’s going through chemo and radiation, but has been given only a few years to live.  I think my aunt has been given the same prognosis.  Thanks so much for praying for her. 

Gornik family news:
Zeke rolled from his belly to his back last night while I was out for coffee.  I am so thrilled at this new skill because he had a nightmarish night two nights ago.  Brian also had a bad night that night.  I think Zeke woke up crying like 10 times.  The kid would roll to his belly and sleep and then wake up and be stuck and cry.  I went into his room so many times to flip him back to his back.  I was so exhausted the next day.  I am so very thrilled for this new trick.  Last night he only woke up once to be nursed…….I hope he remembers this new trick again tonight.  In the morning he’s been waking up soaked, because of sleeping on his belly.  I’m hoping Elijah’s size 5 diapers will take care of that tonight. I think Brian and I are slowly getting more sleep.  He’s sleeping on the couch—-he gets up several times during the night to get comfortable again and to take pain meds.  It was waking me up and plus I was so scared I’d hit him in my sleep.  So, this is the best arrangement for now.  I actually felt rested this morning….but I really miss having him next to me.  I also miss hugs—two armed bear hugs are just fabulous.  I’m looking forward to having those. 

I’m thinking more and more about getting rid of all our stuff—which has been an overwhelming thought— and I really wish you all lived closer to me.  I think I could find many homes for our stuff.  We will be leaving to go to Florida in about 6 weeks, which is why I’m thinking about it all.   We’ll be getting rid of everything before we leave. We’ll be there for about 6 or 7 weeks for some training with an incredible teacher.  We’ll be learning how to study the Bible using a principle based method.  Plus learning how to cross culturally teach others how to study the Bible.  I’m really looking forward to learning under this guy.  Then we’ll be out to Indiana for a few weeks, staying in the rez.  I’m excited to be around many of you.  Then we’re off to MTI for more training.  That takes us to half way through December, we fly back to Indiana and make our way across the Midwest to the East to say goodbye to family.  That period of time I am not looking forward to—I’m already feeling overwhelmed at the thought of not having our own space for those few weeks.  It will be extremely draining and exhausting.  And then we are off to Costa Rica….I think I will be so excited to have a place to call home for awhile.  But that will also have it’s share of stress…..learning how to get around and buy food for our family in a place without speaking the language.  Wow, I seriously feel my stress levels  rise just thinking about it all.  I really am excited to learn another language, but the journey to learn it is going to be very long and bumpy. 

Some other random thoughts I’m having have to do with church planting.  I’m getting excited about it, I’m glad I’m in this place.  After leaving the other ministry, I was just so drained and didn’t ever feel like I was doing a good job.  I don’t really know what a good job looks like when one is church planting, but anyway—I always felt like I didn’t know what I was doing.  I’ve had some insight after living here for a year and a half.  This place has grown on me.  I’ve enjoyed getting to know people, my neighbors, people on the boardwalk, people on the beach……I see the same people all the time.  After seeing the same people at the playground, I’m developing a friendship with some moms.  So many of you may think this is so silly of me….but remember I’ve had to unlearn a lot of “christian evangelism” methods.  I’m learning how to just be friends with people.  What makes me so excited is it feels so natural and I’ve always felt so unnatural before at getting to know people, because I often looked at people as projects.  I’m growing out of that and learning to like people because, well, I can find a friend and through that friendship be real and authentic about who Jesus is in my life.  It is so refreshing and it makes me so excited to meet new people. 


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  1. Hey there–I really like your new background–it looks great!   I hope your Aunt Berta is doing a little better now.  She sounds like a special person.   So glad you guys are getting more sleep too–yay for Zeke, hope he’s remembering how to roll back over!  I’ll definitely be praying for you with getting rid of stuff and packing for all the different places you’ll be.  Both sound like they could be overwhelming.  You really are doing a great job balancing everything…seriously you are!   It was really cool to read what you’ve been learning since living in Maryland…very good insight.  Hope this week continues to go well for all of you…I’ll be praying.

  2. I can’t believe all that traveling and training starts in just 6 weeks! When you are heading to MTI, I will have to email you a few pointers for Colorado Springs…a great church to visit, good local spots…since we lived there for two years. I hope you continue to get more sleep…that makes such a difference!

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