A Miracle Just Happened….

Zeke took a bottle!!!!  I am so amazed.  I pumped last night at midnight and got a record in my pumping history of 7 1/2 ounces.  He drank it all this afternoon.  This has created quite an excitement for a multiple of reasons…….1. Brian and I have been wanting to celebrate our anniversary, but Zeke wouldn’t take a bottle and I wanted it to be just Brian and I on our date. I think we may just get that date now. 2. Our training at MTI in Colorado includes full days away from our kids and I was hoping to still be nursing by then, but wondered how it would work with the no bottle scenario…..I really hope this kid sticks to it. 

The 18 pound comparison of the Gornik clan.
Malachi: 18.2 lbs at 9 months
Elijah:  18.5 lbs at 6 1/2 months
Zeke:  18.10 lbs at 4 1/2 months

I’ve been taking Zeke out of the carseat when I arrive to my destination.  It is so heavy to carry…..the sling is working wonders.  I keep getting interesting comments about it too.  I’m surprised at how people share their negative views about it.  “Oh the baby looks so uncomfortable.” 

This is a great CD.  My kids love it and I do too.  I find myself dancing to it all the time, not that I know much about Latin Dancing.  I try to act like I do.  One of my favorite songs is El Reino del Reves .  I’ve been looking for more spanish kid’s songs, but haven’t been successful at finding anything.  Any suggestions?

Brian stumbled upon this video last night.  It is sort of freaky and relieving all at the same time.  Here’s the Infant Swimming Resource site to find a instructor near you. That seems like a miracle!

8 thoughts on “A Miracle Just Happened….”

  1. HOORAY!!! I’m SO HAPPY FOR YOU!!! And holy cow woman! You’ve got a LOT of milk. Well done! That’s so weird about negative sling comments. I was at Old Navy today and thought how happy I was that I have a sling for Miles or else I really wouldn’t be going out very much. And he seems to really like it.

  2. YAY! I know that’s a huge relief for you to have Zeke taking a bottle. I laughed at the 18 lb comparison. Mckenna barely reached that milestone at 1 year. I’m glad you are getting a lot done and not feeling too overwhelmed!

  3. Wow. That video is exactly as you described. It was really incredible. Hooray for Zeke!!!! I can’t imagine how much of a relief it must be. Its like your whole world is opening up! 😉

  4. Yay for Zeke and the bottle! Wow that video is amazing! There are no instructors here in MD, VA or DC. I requested more info about the training program…let’s see what they have to say…..

  5. We found an instructor in FL about 40 miles away from where we’ll be, but the lessons are five times a week for 6 weeks. I don’t think we’ll be able to make that kind of commitment. It would be incredible to have all of our kids do it though.

  6. That is so fabulous about Zeke.  I’m praying that he keeps it up.  That video freaked me out.  IT is a cool thing, but 5 days a week for 6 weeks?!!  Man, that’s crazy.  It would be cool, but I can’t picture ever having that much time to invest.

  7. Way to go Zeke–that must be such a freeing feeling for you–that is wonderful!  Hope you guys are able to get that date soon and Zeke keeps it up with the bottle.  It would be such a great feeling to know that all of your kids could swim like that, how awesome!

  8. Thanks for that site info – we are looking into it, since we now have a pool.  I’m so glad Zeke took a bottle – I hope you have a wonderful anniversary date soon.

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