Crazy week…just crazy.

*massage from Erika
*running again after a 2 week break
*Zeke finally sleeping 10 hours the last four nights
*Zeke eating rice cereal
*fun memories as I sifted through pictures and scrapbooks and read old encouragement notes from many of you
*awaiting the arrival of my first pair of shoes bought online(very sadly, they didn’t fit). They were super cute….check them out.
(I really liked that they could be worn in rainy weather–for CR— and they aren’t flip flops….something I wear all the time and my feet are in so much pain right now… searching continues.)

Yummy cereal!

My big boy helper!

My big boys wanting to be babies……..


One extra story, that wasn’t a highlight.  Driving home the other night around 9:30, a horse fly was in our van. Brian heard it buzzing around, I opened my window for it to fly outside.  In the process it flew on Brian’s right arm (the one that’s immobilized—thankfully) and he jerked it to get the horse fly off.  The jerking caused an insane amount of pain and he began to yell and scream.  As he continued in his pain, the boys one by one joined him…..there was a chorus of crying and screaming.  I pulled the van over and smashed the little sucker and tried to calm everyone down.  The pain subsided and we tried to explain why Papa was screaming……poor little guys, poor Brian……Malachi is still talking about it. 


10 thoughts on “Crazy week…just crazy.”

  1. Sorry you had a vanful of crying boys! Dumb fly. I’ve also been searching for non-flipflop shoes that can handle the rain. Sorry those didn’t fit- they’re cute. Cute pictures. Zeke’s eating cereal! So big! Have a good weekend!

  2. Wow, I bet that car incident was really significant for the boys. I am glad that, in the end, everyone was ok. I am sorry the shoes didn’t fit, they are very cute and look so comfy.Very cute pictures 🙂 How was running again after a long break? Were you refreshed or was it just hard?

  3. The massage and the fun memories sound great.  Sorry about the rest of the craziness.  That car full of screaming boys does not sound fun.  I just keep praying for you guys during this time while Brian is recovering.  We can’t wait to see you. The pictures of your boys were really making me miss you all.

  4. How wonderful that Zeke slept that long so many nights!  And the massage sounds pretty great too!  The van ride sounds not so great.  I’m glad you were able to stay calm.  Way to go with the running!  The shoes are SO cute, too bad they didn’t fit.  Are you going to try a different size?

  5. Yeah! Way to go with running! I would like to get back into a regular routine soon, too. About the shoes…have you ever checked into Crocs? I was always a little skeptical about the way they look. But someone told me to check out the different styles..that getting some would really make a difference in comfort level. So this past week, Miah and I went to a store that had all the kinds of styles and colors and we each found something that really works for both of our tastes. And you can wear them in the rain. In fact, to clean them, you just put ’em in the dish washer. Weird, I know. Anyway, I got this adorable style…brown Mary Janes. I totally love ’em. My feet feel really great. They are so comfortable! You might want to check ’em out.

  6. A massage sounds wonderful.  And, so does Zeke sleeping through the night–10 hours–I’m so happy for you!!  Way to go on the running too…I so need to be more regular with it, at this point, I’m doing well if it’s once or twice a week.  Sorry about the car of screaming boys–I’ve totally been there before, except for the screaming husband part, ouch, that sounded really painful.  Good thing you were there to kill the fly.  I talked to Sheila today and she said it was really good to talk to you at church…wish I could’ve seen you too=)

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