Moving Sale

Today was the big day.  I’ve been cleaning out for several weeks now and today we got rid of tons of stuff.  It all worked out beautifully…..just really amazingly. BUT Crazy would describe the week.  All week, Zeke was super fussy because of the pearly intruders—so this meant lots of holding time during the day and more nightly feedings.  Which meant more tiredness for me.  I had a few mommy meltdodwns this week.  I did get a little help this week, but one day all the help fell through—that was rough.  Anyway, today we had lots of help this morning to set up and then help all day. Brian went up to Philly yesterday to bring back all our appliances to sell….and someone from the UH team bought them all…..a dishwasher, washer and dryer and fridge.  Worked out great for us. Today we had a lot to sell but through the week the pile kept dwindling as we kept finding people to give things to….that was great.  Back to today….w/ appliances and all the stuff from today we sold over $1000 worth.  Really incredible.  This is how the day began…..

This is what we had at the end……..

Really incredible…..only five bins left.  My mom took them, she’s doing a yard sale in two weeks…so whatever she can’t sell she’ll take to a thrift store.  I’m so glad it is all out of the house and that we didn’t have any huge pieces of furniture left to haul anywhere. 

The boys had a blast playing with all the help today.

The boys eating lunch today…their friend Samuel too.  They have so much fun together.

Here’s a precious picture from earlier this week.


4 thoughts on “Moving Sale”

  1. That is so wonderful!  I’m so glad you guys were able to sell all that stuff (I know you are too).   I think I would’ve had a few meltdowns with your crazy week too.  Wow, can’t believe one more week and you move–I’m really thinking of you guys and praying for you all, hope this week is really special.

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