So long…..

There are some things I wish I could take with me.  I will see these things again, seeing as Jason and Erika are taking all of the things I really like, but I really wish I could pack them all up with me and move them.  Each has a story to share.

This has afftectionately been named my fertility plant…..

This plant was a part of a planter my Nana and Pop-pop got as a gift when I was born.  Through the years all the other plants in the planter died and my mom nursed this one plant for years.  When they got involved with selling Nikken products, my mom watered the plant with PiMag water ( their water filtration system) and the plant started growing like crazy.  I started on a journey of having kids and my mom told me this plant represented my fertility…….this is my plant that she started for me and it has grown 10 fold.  I have now passed it on to J & E….we’re all hoping it works just as well for them. 

This chest was given to us as a gift one Christmas.

As I became pregnant and started receiving gifts I stored them in this chest.  I had two miscarriages within four months of each other and this chest somehow ties me to those pregnancies….as I would get out those little clothes to look at during that time and long for the day to have a baby in my arms.  J & E are taking this too, I’m glad I get to see it again. 

My rocking chair….

Mom and Tony got this for me as a gift.  Brian and my mom picked it out.   I love this chair.  It’s been my own special chair of late time nursing sessions and lullabies and comforting cuddles and lots of books read……this is what I will miss the most.  I really, really, really wish I could take this with me…..I wish it could pack up into one of my plastic bins.  Thank you J & E for taking this.

Our couch…..oh our comfortable couch….I’m already longing for how comfortably I can cuddle on you.

We moved into our Philly house six days before Malachi was born.  Our plan was to buy a couch for the new place, seeing as we had two hand me down couches and we were ready for a really comfortable family couch.  We found this in the basement discount section of Strawbridges for $600……a really great deal.  We brought it home and tried to get it into our row house and it wouldn’t fit through our little foyer…..what to do?  The people across the street from us were watching our saga and said they had the same problem and had to take a couch back.  A luxury we didn’t have because it was final sale.  The guys took the windows out(something we had to do to get our queen size bed into our upstairs apartment in Philly).  But it still wouldn’t fit, they had to take the molding off too…..and finally it was in!  What a relief….this is me just a few days after moving it in, having contractions and sitting on a towel—-just in case my water broke on our brand new comfy couch.  This couch would bring some of the teens over just so they could sit and relax or take a nap…….they would often just knock on our door and say, “Can I come sit on your couch for awhile?”  When Malachi was a baby, I’d daydream about all the pillow houses and jumping that would happen on this couch and in it’s short three and half years with us….it has had it’s share of spit-up, pee, poop(after that I stopped changing diapers on the couch), and food spills.  Plus lots of jumping and pillow houses…..we will miss it.  This is also being passed on to J & E……now we’ll get to sleep on it when we visit them. 

So long for now my favorite things…….but, I’m glad I get to see you again. 


4 thoughts on “So long…..”

  1. Wow, thank you for letting us have these favorite things. I love hearing the stories and memories attached to them. That makes them even more special. I am so glad you will get to see them again. I agree with Tara it is the MOST comfortable couch. Thank you!!

  2. This made me sad to read. I remember those feelings about a lot of our things we sold or gave away, especially the things in Budapest that were associated with Mckenna’s “firsts”. What neat memories you have with the special furniture in your house!

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