4 Immodium, 2 Extra Strength Tylenol, Some licks of Antibiotic Ointment and Cortaid and …….

……..a trip to the ER. What a day….so emotional and so relieving.  Malachi is doing just fine after ingesting all that stuff.  He was laying down for his usual nap in the upstairs hallway in his tent.  I had placed a suitcase in the hallway too.  He got into it and found the little travel med kit in there….complete with scissors.  He cut all the travel packs open and ingested a lot.  Brian went upstairs to eat his lunch, Bari and I were downstairs and Brian called me up.  I freaked out, Malachi was covering his face and Brian calmly asked Malachi what he put into his mouth.  I ran downstairs to find the poison control magnet on my fridge(thank you state of MD for issuing Mr. Yuk magnets) and called…..shared how Malachi had 4 immodium and then Brian proceeded to bring down more of what he ingested. That’s when I started crying and the guy on the other end was very calming and said to take him to the ER.  Off we went, Bari was there to stay with sleeping Elijah—waiting until my mom drove over.  I took sleeping Zeke with us.  That ride was an adventure.  Brian drove, something he hasn’t been doing too much recently—because of his shoulder……and he’s even out of the immobilizer today.  The trek to the hospital is a two lane road, Brian got stuck behind a car right away and decided he wouldn’t regret honking and tailgating people to get over if it meant saving our son’s life….so he did.  It was scary, some people were rude and would slow down, some people kindly pulled over…we got the finger….he went through a redlight…..I believe I was on the phone with Nate and he was praying….I yelled, “Brian watch out”….sorry Nate—but thank you so much for praying with me.  During all of this, Malachi was feeling just fine, the only thing that hurt was his tongue.  One of the ointments stung his tongue some, no belly ache, no vomitting….he looked okay and was talking just fine.  We got to the hospital and had him weighed and they did all the calculations and they said he’d be constipated from the immodium, and the Tylenol was under the limit that would require any kind of stomach pumping or charcoal.  He got a popsicle and got to watch Curious George and acted fine.  He’s still doing well tonight…….oh my, it’s just completely scary, really scary.  I knew that little med bag was in there……..the blame and guilt is just so easy to dive into, I am SO very thankful he’s okay.  Thank you so much God. 

While we were at the hospital, we were given a quilt from an organization called Project Linus…..it’s motto, providing security through blankets…..really, really awesome idea——the quilt we received, not so great of an idea.
Check it out…..

Gambling.???????? It says, “For those with a taste for winning” and
“Champagne Slots”.   Oh my……..can you believe it?  We laughed so
hard.  The nurse said, ” I was told to give this to you, but we don’t
endorse gambling.” Funny.


9 thoughts on “4 Immodium, 2 Extra Strength Tylenol, Some licks of Antibiotic Ointment and Cortaid and …….”

  1. I can’t imagine the fear that you had to deal with yesterday.  Yes, thank you God for protecting Malachi.  The quilt is hilarious- at least you have something funny to remember from that day.

  2. Wow, I’m so glad he is doing okay! We have done the stomach pumping thing before (in another country, no less) and it is awful, so I’m glad for you that Malachi didn’t have that happen! Knox got a quilt from Project Linus last time he was at an urgent care place, but it was cute. That is so weird that someone made a quilt like that for children

  3. Oh Tara–what a day!  I echo the praises to God that Malachi’s ok!  That could totally happen to anyone of us.  Elli’s also gotten some pillows from the ER, but they were puppy dogs and lambchop pillows, I’m really jealous of yours =) 

  4. Okay, I ‘m finally back to my computer.  Tara, I was praying for you so much that day.  I’m so very thankful that Malachi is okay.  The kids and I were praying for him together, and Ellie kept saying, “My friend is sick and go to the doctor.”  She even told my mom about it later.  We were all so happy to hear that he didn’t need his stomach pumped or anything.  I can only imagine how scary it must have been, but you guys handled it so well.  And yes, that quilt is amazing.  Bizarre.  For a child?  Could you imagine if that was his security blanket and he carried it everywhere?

  5. Hey, this is Steve B. from Argentina. Man, I”m just rejoincing with you this morning as I read your blog. It’s a wonder kids grow up at all. I know we went through some scary stuff as well but they somehow make it through…

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