Summary of the Week….

Before we left Erika got some friends together for a little bon voyage party.  It was very fun and sweet. These ladies have become such wonderful friends……here’s some of the ladies from the Bible Study I was involved with.

Last Saturday, moving day went really well.  I was freaking out in the
morning and Brian tried to calm me down.  It really went well.  We had
so much help…..the guys loaded and unloaded in the four different
places.  My mom and I cleaned, and Erika and Kristin watched the
boys—-they helped with carrying too. 

In the afternoon, the boys took
a nap at J and E’s house, it was so wonderful to have so much help. Our
goal was to be finished by 5pm….Brian and I drove away at 4:45pm. We rented a trailer and they didn’t have the size we ordered so they
gave us a bigger one.  It seemed too big…..but it worked out okay.  I
didn’t drive at all the whole trip and the transmission didn’t die on

 Along the way we ran into several of these in Southern MD.  

Three of them had children peaking out of the back waving at me…..I refrained from taking their pictures, but they were so adorable.
On the same ride we ran into farms filled with parked cars and lots of people walking along this back country road.

Their destination was Budd’s Creek….a race track.  There was a huge dirt bike race…..I couldn’t believe the hundreds of parked cars and RVs we saw…crazy.

Nana made us her infamous apple pie.  She always carves out that little apple on the top.  Yummy.

She showed us some pictures she found of Pop-pop from when he was a Park Policeman…..he was in pictures with John Edgar Hoover…….and other political figures who aren’t coming to my brain right now.  I hope to scan them the next time we pass through.    

GG loves being a GG—she’s always bragging about these boys to all her friends.

Some Firsts……..

1.  I lost my make up bag somewhere in all our traveling and didn’t wear anything for three days.  (The first being I lost the whole make up bag, I’m pretty organized—but keeping track of five people’s things can get complicated.)
2.  Malachi and Elijah slept in the same bed two nights in a row…….at GG’s and in the hotel.  They did great.  
3.  All three boys are sleeping in the same room at night time.  So far it is going well…….I really hope it continues.
4.  Zeke had his first veggie today….sweet peas.    He liked it.

He has two pearly whites on the bottom.  

I’m hoping to get into a routine these next 6 weeks…..we’re sitting down with Randy tomorrow to discuss what we’ll be doing.  I’m really needing a routine and some relaxing time, I’ve been way too stressed and I don’t think I’ve relaxed in about a month now.  I haven’t really been myself…….really snappy and snippy and able to cry at any moment.  I don’t like it…..I just want life to settle for a little while.  Tonight Malachi said he wanted to go home and snuggle on our couch.  He also said he didn’t want to move to Costa Rica to learn Spanish.  It made me cry. 


5 thoughts on “Summary of the Week….”

  1. Zeke’s little teeth look so cute.  And your nana looks like the cutest grandma ever.  I love the picture of her holding up her pie.  I hope you guys are able to get a routine soon.  I love routines.  They help filter out the insanity.  And I only have one child!  Malachi will be ok.  He’ll soon discover that snuggling doesn’t have anything to do with couches.  It’s all about sons and mommas.  You can snuggle anywhere.  🙂

  2. Becca’s comments are awesome. It’s true, I think once Malachi settles into his routine wherever he is knowing you guys are there will be enough. Thanks for the pictures! The picture of the boys with GG is priceless. I’m sorry about your makeup bag. i always feel a little naked without a little makeup. Let me know if I can put together some fun Avon stuff for you 🙂 ( I get a discount 🙂 )

  3. I’m so glad the trip went okay.  I’ve been praying like crazy.  And I still am…for the boys especially.  It’s so hard watching them deal with all the changes.  I just keep remembering how amazing all the Argentine MKs I know are…it helps me feel like there’s a bigger picture.  Like I said, I’m praying.  I hope this time in FL is really useful.  We can’t wait for you to move in here for a couple of weeks. 

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