Blessed Be Your Name

I went back to the doctor this afternoon and the nurse stimulated his little bottom.  He is so constipated and was pushing and straining and crying.  A little came out, the doc said to give him prune and white grape juice to see if things will get moving.  He said this constipation could have caused all the vomitting since it had no where to go.  Zeke doesn’t poop but every 2 or 3 days…so I hadn’t been concerned about it.  He did have carrots for the first time this week and that is more of a binding veggie and could cause constipation… hopefully the problem has been solved.  He still wasn’t himself tonight, but his belly is still full.  The other things that popped in my head was a virus, or allergic reaction to the peas and carrots, epilepsy(it is in Brian’s fam), or something being wrong with his intestines.  SO….some of those have been ruled out and I go back to the doc on Thursday to see if things have started flowing.  I really hope constipation is all this is….but wow, what a scary ride for having a constipated little Zekey.  Thank you for all you encouraging comments and prayers.  They are so real to me.  You all are the best.

Our poor little guy Zekey is having a difficult 18 hours.  I’ve had a whirlwind of feelings and emotions.  Last night I thought we might lose him. It is so scary not to know how to help your child or not knowing what is wrong with their little body.  So here goes the story that still has no conclusion…..

Brian had been gone for about half an hour to a missions meeting at church.  I was with all three boys….Malachi was giving me the most difficult time about eating dinner—-which all my discipline over the hour was thrown out the door when I went in to wake Zeke up at 7pm.  He had had an off day all day…..we were at the laundry mat in the morning so he didn’t get a nap.  He didn’t nap long in the afternoon…..he was spitting up lots more than normally.  I fed him early and put him back down for a nap, he just seemed really tired.  He napped until I woke him up at 7pm.  It took him a little bit to wake up, picked him up and within 2 minutes he started to gag, then heave, then vomit, and struggle to find his breath.  It was really wierd and then I just kept a close eye on him as I continued to have a difficult time with Malachi staying in his seat to eat his dinner.  I picked Zeke up off the floor and sat him up and played with him a bit…..he then did it again.  He seemed a little congested, so I gave him a bath with some of that vapor bath stuff.  It was a short bath because Malachi was so extremely disobedient and defiant (we are thinking he may be a “strong willled” child—or maybe he’s just adjusting to all this change).  Zeke did this another time, I called Brian a handful of times and couldn’t get a hold of him.  I got the boys ready for bed, got them in bed……after I had already fallen a part and cried in front of them.  We all prayed together for Zekey.  I got a hold of Brian and he came home.  He shared with me that as I was calling one of the men was praying for all three boys, specifically for their health as they will be traveling and come into contact with viruses and diseases……I was calling Brian over and over again during those prayers.  So Brian gets home, he sees Zeke do this thing again.  He gets some of the girls from the institute to hang out here and we left around 9pm.  When we got to the hospital we had to wait about 2 hours….terrible, just terrible. I cried off and on and just felt like something was really wrong with him.  He did it about 3 to 4 more times….with no vomit….just mucous stuff.  It was so worrisome and heartbreaking to watch.  I also noticed that after one of these he seemed to be extremely lethargic and sort of non responsive and he’d fall asleep.  He’d perk up some after a little nap and then he’d sit up some and do it again.  So, the nurse was checking him out, we were explaining we just moved here for about 6 weeks.  She asked why so short, explained it all and she was a believer and she prayed with us.  Her sister is a missionary in Honduras.  God calmed my heart through that prayer.  We got in saw the doctor, he witnessed him do it once.  He thought maybe he was choking on post nasal drip.  Zeke had a chest xray, it was all clear.  His ears were all clear….no ear infection—that can cause vomitting in babies.  That happened with Elijah once. I shared how  Chi ad Lijah had s cold and diarrhea last week and I wondered if this was how it was manifesting itself in Zekey’s body.  I fed Zeke, he threw it up…I hadn’t fed him since 3:30, when I woke him up at 7pm I was going to feed him them, but I didn’t because of all the events..  The doctor gave him a shot of zofran, an anti-naseating medicine.  Then he was fed pedialyte, which gave him a rash on his chin. It was either the nipple on the bottle or the apple flavoring in it.  He only drank 3 oz., but he didn’t throw it up.  So they sent us home with a pede to call in the morning and check in with.  We got home about 2am, I put Zeke down to bed and he slept until 7am…..I fed him, it all stayed down and he went back to sleep.  At 9am I got a  hold of the doctor’s office and they said to bring him in right away.  I woke him up and we went to the doctor’s.  He seemed okay for awhile, then when I was in the exam room—he didn’t heave and vomit, but he was straining to poop and just got really lethargic and zoning up in the air and not responding to me.  I got really frightened again and started to cry…….during that time I heard a nurse walk by my closed door singing, “Every blessing you pour out.”  I started to sing the rest…..” I’ll turn back to praise.  When the darkness closes in Lord, still I will say.  Blessed be the name of the Lord. Blessed Be Your name.  Etc…)  God began to remind me, he is bigger than all my fears and bigger than Zeke being a little sick or really sick or dying…..he is bigger and he holds it all in his hands, all for his glory.  I’m so thankful that nurse was praising God, I really needed that reminder of Him.  I began praying for the doctor that the doctor would not just brush aside all that I had to say about what was going on….I really needed someone to listen.  God is so faithful, that doctor did not rush me at all.  He listened and repeated back to me and asked questions.   He was so patient and so attentive to Zeke.  He ordered an upper GI test to rule out any obstructions and to see if there was lots of acid reflux. He said to come back tomorrow.  I went straight to the hospital.  The timing was great….he was considered STAT because he couldn’t have eatien for 4 hours before having the test.  It had been four and a half….he had to drink barium from a bottle.  He was so fussy during this time…..tired, hungry, straining to poop(he hasn’t gone since Saturday).  They took all the shots….poor little guy, he cried through it all.  I had to help hold him down on his sides and back, while drinking the barium.  He made it through.  The doctor just called and said everything looked normal which totally eliminates many things it could be.  So, he said I can go back in this afternoon and a nurse can stimulate his bottom to go poopy… see if that will help with all this discomfort he’s having now.  So maybe it is the virus the other two had.  We still don’t know, but this doctor is so willing to help and figure out what is going on.  Right now I’m doing okay….Zeke’s napping…..but it is so difficult to see him get so lethargic and unresposive….maybe he won’t do it anymore.  I’ll update as we figure out more of what is going on……..thank you for praying. I know many of you are, thank you.


7 thoughts on “Blessed Be Your Name”

  1. We’ll be praying too, so glad God put other believers at the hospital and doctor’s office and the doctor sounds really great.  God must have really big plans for your family for Satan to keep attacking like this.  Love you guys and we won’t stop praying!

  2. Tara, I’m so sorry.  We are praying for you.  It’s awesome to see God so obviously letting you know that he’s caring for you.  Please keep us updated.  We love you guys.

  3. My heart is just breaking for little Zeke and for you.  I have been praying so much.  It is amazing the little ways God shows you that He is there and in control.  We won’t stop lifting you up to Him.

  4. Wow.  That’s crazy that constipation could have caused all of that!  I mean, I’m REALLY, REALLY thankful.  But it’s still really bizarre.  I hope things get moving quickly and he gets back to his normal sweet self soon.  We’ll keep praying.  We love you guys!  Thank you for the update!

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