A Whole Lotta…..


Zeke has successfully gone poopy today.  This morning while I was feeding him at the breakfast table…..this happened.  It’s a little graphic.

He went four times in all today, poor little guy. It is really, really
runny and it involved some straining .  Other than that he was pretty
much back to his normal self. 

I have another doc appt tomorrow.    Wow, was their a
lot of waste in his little system, no wonder every time he sat up the
other night he would start vomitting.  Again, thank you for all your
prayers.  It is crazy that constipation and possibly a virus caused all this.
I’m still trying to finish the book Victory Over the Darkness, I picked
it back up today to read.  I’m on the chapter about taking captive
every thought and the battlefield for the mind.  I was reminded of how
my thoughts of fear entertained so many other thoughts that weren’t a
part of God’s plan. I am just so thankful God used others to remind me of his truth during my periods of fear.  He really is just so amazing.

Tomorrow Chi and Lijah are going to the church’s daycare center in the morning while we start some training.  I wonder how it will go, especially for Malachi. 
Elijah’s been more into puzzles lately. We did this one together today….

Three of my favorite things:
1.  Cuddling with Malachi at bedtime has become a ritual.  He loves talking and telling me things I wouldn’t have known about him.  Last night he told me he missed the gray house and the toy chest.  It is such a sweet time of the day.
2.  Elijah likes to cuddle at bedtime too.  Last night while I was cuddling with him, he reached for my face with both hands.  He pulled my face into his and  gave me an eskimo kiss.  We both giggled and he then did it all over again.  It was so incredibly precious and melted my heart.
3.  Zeke has started reaching up at my face…sometimes he gets a death grip on my cheek or lip.  But the sweet part is when he pats my cheeks or gives me his incredible sparkling eye smile. 

I love my boys. 


9 thoughts on “A Whole Lotta…..”

  1. First of all, I laughed out loud at all of those poop pictures.  Oh my goodness.  That poor little boy.  I bet he feels so much better.  Your three favorite things are so sweet. 

  2. Oh, I’m so glad that Zeke is feeling better.  Those pictures are amazing.  I don’t think I’ll show them to Nate.    He must have been feeling so bad with all that in there.  Your boys are precious.  I really can’t wait to spend time with them and get to know them.  I’ll be praying for tomorrow.

  3. Wow, what a scary couple days. It was so encouraging to read your thoughts and how God reminded you He was with you in so many ways! I’m sorry for Zeke’s sickness, but glad he is doing better.

  4. Hooray for poop! I am so glad he is feeling better. I can’t wait to show Jason the pictures. He’ll be so proud of Zekey. Thank you for sharing what you went through and how God spoke to you. It reminded me of our conversation about singing and praying in those fearful times when satan is close at hand to distract and feed the fears and doubts. You are so amazing Tara, an incredibly wonderful Mom, and an inspriration to me.

  5. I think you receive the g.b.o.t.w award – graphic blog of the week! I really did laugh out loud at the poop pictures. You are a selfless mama to be so excited about being covered in that much – you clearly saw the big picture. Praise God!

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