He’s Six Months!

On Friday, Zekey turned 6 months.  They’ve gone so quickly.  His new trick is getting up on all fours.  I haven’t gotten a shot of it yet.  This kid doesn’t quite sleep like his big brothers.  He’s still not sleeping consistently at night, he often wakes up for two feedings.  I don’t quite know how to get him to do it, I’ve tried the crying it out.  Which eliminated at least one of the two feedings when we were in MD.  The move brought on a more difficult situation for him to cry it out.  The boys are all in the same room, although he doesn’t seem to wake the other two.  But there is another guy and his son living across the hall…. I wonder if they hear him cry.  Any suggestions?  I’m wondering if I just need to accept it because we will be hopping around so much….. but, this will be the last place that I could possibly let him cry it out. I’m still wavering…….

Some six month pictures:

This is so rare.

Just some stuff:
Brian hasn’t gotten sick.  We are all healthy right now.  Zeke is still
restless sometimes, he may be getting his top two teeth in soon.  Or
his bowels are still figuring everything out. Malachi and Elijah did really well at daycare last week.  They are going from 8:30 to 12:15 on Tues to Fri.  Friday night we had our first date in 6 months.  The church had a babysitting night so couples could go on dates.  All three stayed and did really well.  It was so wonderful to go out to dinner and talk and hold hands. We had lots of noise
around here this weekend.  From Friday to Sunday there was a biker’s
festival right outside our door.  The boys were watching out the
windows constantly.  We heard hard rock and classic rock cover songs
from like 10 in the morning to 11 at night.  By Sunday I was ready for
the noise to be gone.  Elijah kept waking up at night saying he heard
motorcycles, yeah—they were loud.  Today’s been quiet.

These are things the boys have done recently.  Some are funny, some are not.  My oh my, do they find ways to get into things…..

Elijah wrote on his face with my eyeliner pencil.
He put the chip clip on his finger and said, ow, ow, ow!
He got a chip clip stuck on his top lip and yanked it off. 
He stuck change in the disc drive. 

Malachi fell backwards in his chair and hit his head on the floor—after many reminders not to lean back in it. ( okay, so that’s not funny–but it was an I told you so moment.)
He pinched his finger in the drawer in the kitchen….another I told you so moment. 
Malachi put a can of instant tea mix in the microwave and started it.  I was right there and thankfully turned it off….it did have metal on it.

Their little hands are so quick.  It is much worse when they are instigating together.  My eye has to be on them all the time……


8 thoughts on “He’s Six Months!”

  1. It would be totally hard to know what to do about the crying out
    thing.  Maybe he’ll magically start sleeping all through the night from
    now on.    I’m so glad everyone is healthy right now.  Happy 6
    months Zeke!

  2. I can’t believe Zeke is 6 months old!  I think the time flies by even more quickly with the more kids you have.  I’m so glad you all are healthy now too, it sounds like the boys are doing wonderfully in daycare.  Hooray for church babysitting–keep taking advantage of it!  I’m sorry about the sleeping/waking stuff with Zeke, that’s gotta be hard.  And, hard to try the crying it out thing with the boys in the same room (it’s so wonderful that he doesn’t wake up Malachi or Elijah).  I’ll be praying he starts sleeping longer…you are a great mom to all of them.  Your boys sound so funny, can’t wait to see all of you again.

  3. Cute pictures of Zeke! Ah, “I told you so” moments….mm.mmm.mmm probably the best lessons I ever learned and the ones that stick the most. Glad to hear the rolling thunder has rolled out of town. 
    Where did you go for date night? 

  4. We went to RJ Gators….a Florida chain.  It was good for a chain restaurant.  The dessert wasn’t so good….don’t ever get the alligator tail ice cream pie.  

  5. Has it really been six months?  I can’t believe it.  I so can’t wait to meet him!  Your boys are so wonderful.  That picture of the three of them together is perfect. I’m so glad the daycare is working out so well.  Do you take Zeke with you to your classes/meetings?  I’ll be praying about the night time thing.  I don’t have any great advice.  Scotty has gone back to waking up more at night since we’ve been traveling more, and I’ve just been giving him a bottle when he does to ease the stress of everything else.  I don’t know that I would advise that, but just to say that I know how you’re feeling.  I had to laugh about the “I told you so” moments.  Those boys sound like a handful.  But so fun. 

  6. Wow, the list of what the boys have done lately would exemplify why I was scared to have boys! Though now I know how incredibly wonderful they are 🙂 I’m glad you can smile despite the craziness. RE the crying it out, I have been there. We were always traveling with Mckenna and she was a terrible sleeper. I went the way of “just do what I have to do” and didn’t do anything touch with her. But as you said, this is the last place you can do it, and maybe he would go to one feeding. I hope he figures things out soon!

  7. Oh my goodness- Zeke is SO cute.  I can’t wait to see you guys.  What a great post.  So glad for you that you got to go on a date.  Elijah’s and Malachi’s stories are so funny.  They are all getting so big.  We miss you all.  Praying for you lots.  Enjoy your time there!

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