What’s on my mind?

I’m starting this entry not really knowing what I’m going to type but I have a lot to share.  So, I’m sure this won’t be organized much, just lots of random thoughts going on in my mind. 

    Last week I took all three boys to the kid’s museum that just happens to be a few blocks from here.  We had a great time.  They had so much fun pretending to shop in a grocery store, be mail carriers, fly planes, drive cars, make and serve food, be doctors, and forest rangers.  It is a great little place…packed full of things to make believe.  We’ll be going back, if Brian goes the next time I’ll take the camera.  I couldn’t do the camera and all three at the same time. 
    On Saturday morning I took Chi and Lijah to a Family Fun Festival at a church a mile away.  I was expecting it to be…well, different than it was.  The boys had fun, but I was annoyed at how Christians can act…..super friendly, and smiley and almost fake.  I was reminded of the many things I’ve done like this and how I’ve acted that way too.  Now, I can be super cynical about all this, but there really is something annoying about “the act”….it’s like people have to fake how wonderful church or Jesus is….when that’s not what it is about.  Jesus is fully capable and enticing enough to draw people to him, he doesn’t need me to advertise or sell him to people.  Something else that annoyed me, a sign on another church reads right now, “Our Sundays are better than Baskin Robbins.”  
    Last week we had Randy all to ourselves for the teaching time in the morning.  The Great Commission Bible Institute Students are back now.  They took a ministry trip to Atlanta and to Philly, they’d been gone for a week and a half.  Tomorrow we start back to classes with them, there are only 6 of them.  I think we start Acts tomorrow.  Our time with Randy was spent learning how to find the principles in biographies.  It really is amazing that now I can read them finding something from them and not just reading them for informations sake. Brian and I are currently working on finding the principles in an epistle, Ephesians.  I am just so excited and thrilled about this.  We are using nothing but the Bible to do this so far, at the end of our work with the epistle we will use some outside sources.  Randy is another outside source right now, God has blessed him with so much knowledge and wisdom.  He’s able to explain so much more to us than anyone I’ve ever met.  He lived in Israel for like 15 years.  He understands so much about Jewish customs, ceremonies and how they are incorporated in God’s Word and why things are said the way they are said in the Bible….I mean, just wow, amazing stuff.  I wish all of you could hear this guy.  He is a gift to the church.  I’m so thankful to be learning from him. 

Take a tour of our apartment,  http:///www.urbanmission.info/.  Click on “tour our apartment” on the left hand side under recent posts.

“Momma, the water is rumbling.”  (The water for hot dogs was boiling.)
“Oh, I’m just foking.”  (His word for joking. All last week, Elijah kept correcting him.  Today Chi started using the word joking.)

The reality of having boys is starting to sink in more and more.  Noises have always been something that try my patience, that was one of the things that was really difficult for me as a teacher.  It also took me awhile to get used to it when we moved to the city.  It can suck the life right out of me and make me so cranky.  I think God’s using it to teach me patience, I don’t mean that to sound trite.  I really have a lot to learn when it comes to self-control and this is an area God is stretching me in, and he’s using my boys to stretch me.  All day, I hear repetitive loud noises, and singing, and honking, and crashing, etc. It was mainly Malachi, now Elijah is getting louder and louder and more participatory in it.  It doesn’t help that Brian can do the same thing…..when he’s playing with them.  I still have one more little guy to learn to make all those same noises. When all is quiet, he’s beginning to test his little voice out.   God is amazing.

8 thoughts on “What’s on my mind?”

  1. Wow, great post.  Thanks for sharing all of this.  I really hope we get a chance to learn some of this stuff from you- before language learning begins 🙂  As a middle child, I found it funny and also somewhat satisfying for Lijah that he was able to tell Chi he was saying joking wrong 🙂

  2. Yeah, so much here.  I’m so glad that this Bible training time is so good.  I can’t wait to here more about it.  Oh, boys and noises.  I didn’t really think of that.  I am so annoyed by little noises.  Of course, with girls you have the screaming.  I could really do without the screaming.  That museum sounds fun.  I’m glad you have a place like that so close.

  3. I am with you on the noise thing. I have super-sensitive ears and can’t stand loud noises, repetitive noises, etc. I worried about that with boys, but Deb is right…girls’ screaming is unbearable too, as we experienced some this afternoon with Ellie and Mckenna. And I am also so irritated by inane church signs. I guess I’m glad to know I can avoid the church before even entering it when they have signs like that. 😦

  4. So true about the church thing….have you listened to the radio station K Love–positive and encouraging K love? I was ready to go crazy when Joel had it on in the car all day Sunday!!  I wanted to call them and tell them to read the Bible! So funny about boys and noises–sometimes your posts make me really be thankful for this time right now without kids 🙂

  5. Your apartment looks perfect!!  There’s lots of room for the boys to romp around.  Thanks for posting the link.  I enjoyed looking at the pictures.  Church signs are amazingly awful.  There are two church close to my house that seem to battle each week on who can have the craziest (and barely theological) church sign.

  6. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts and what you are learning.  It really sounds like it’s been an amazing time and you’re soaking it all in.  The children’s museum sounded so fun–you were so courageous in taking all three by yourself—it sounded like they loved it=)  .

  7. So much to comment on…thanks for sharing all of this. Your time with Randy sounds incredible. What an awesome opportunity for you guys.I can relate to how you felt at the church festival. We went to a thing at a church a few years ago and the members were overly friendly and sweet to us, until they found out that we are already believers – and then, honestly, they seemed disappointed.  It was disturbing. I love your apartment, it looks very homey.

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