Cook-out at the Park

Tonight we went to a park to play and cook dinner.  It was filled with lizards and dirty hands and a screwed up squirting water fountain, which means the boys got soaked by it and then got even dirtier.  So Brian and the two boys skipped Wed. night church for a bath.  Sam went with us too.  He’s one of the guys we knew from Philly, he’s down here at GCBI.  The boys had a blast with him. 

Sam and Brian

Elijah and the Whale

Our new little friend

Malachi and the lizard

Elijah held on to him for awhile—he is fearless when touching little critters..

Sam and Chi playing.

Me and the boys


Some other pictures…..
This is the closest I’ve gotten to him on all fours…I’ll keep trying.

Happy boys.



4 thoughts on “Cook-out at the Park”

  1. Audra always loves those crazy little lizards when we’re at my sister’s house – but we’ve never caught one.  Good job.  Those pictures of Zeke are so sweet.  I love that age.

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