Great news, we know where we will be living in Costa Rica.  It’s a three bedroom, two bathroom apartment with a washer and dryer and one bathroom has hot water.  There’s a big gated yard with a little swing set.  How exciting!

Other great news, Zeke started crawling on Sunday, but today he sort of reverted back to army crawling.  He’s a quick little guy and suddenly we have to pay attention to everything on the floor!  Oh my–keep the cars away from him.  He goes right for them every time. 

More great news, we found a renter for the Philly house!  They moved in today.  A mother and two older kids—I think high school and 20something.  They signed a year lease, so we’ll see how it all goes. 

We are leaving in 5 days.  Time to start packing again.  I’m less than thrilled, but what I am thrilled about is taking back less stuff with us.  We sold some stuff on ebay, and most of the kitchen stuff is staying here, plus some other random housewares.  When we get to MD, we have to unpack and repack for IN and CO.  The logistics of clothes have been rather nightmarish.  I’ll be spending a few hours at our storage unit organizing for the next 2 months.  I keep slimming down what we’ll be taking with us to CR.  I’m sure by the time we come back to MD in middle December the list will be slimmed down some more.

Just a mockingbird…..

I learned today about the four different types of marriage in Roman law and how Paul addressed the Corinthian church about them in Chapter 7 of  I Corinthians.  They were a screwed up society…..really screwed up.


9 thoughts on “Yippee!”

  1. I asked my big sis, but haven’t heard back about it.  We’re like a 5 to 10 minute walk from the institute and they are super close.  So it doesn’t sound like we’d be too far from each other.  

  2. Sounds like a great apartment. I do not envy your packing and unpacking several more times, but I am glad you have a good attitude about all the changes. It IS exciting!

  3. Washer and dryer and hot water.  I’ll bet that puts your mind at ease!  Wow.  5 days.  It’s so cool to hear the process of you all moving overseas.  I’d think the packing thing would be the hardest.  But maybe after so much moving, you get numb to it?  Do you?  

  4. Jil showed me the pictures of your CR place.  It looks amazing!  I’m so happy for you guys.  AND Zekey crawling.  AND finding renters.  So much good news.  I’m praying for all the packing and moving.  We are so excited to see you guys soon.

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