I’ll be home when…….

Maryland has been our home since Tuesday.  We’re at Jason and Erika’s place until Saturday.  I’ll share our travel run down…
Sunday night the institute students helped us pack up the trailer, it was finished in no time—-they were the best.  We left FL on Monday morning at 5:45am.  We drove all the way to my Nana’s house, arriving around 11pm.  It was a long drive, but it went pretty well.  There were a few crazy and crying filled moments–for the boys—but we made it.  We had a great visit with my Nana….filled with cinnamon rolls, giant cardboard box houses, and wrestling.  My Nana let the boys climb all over her in her chair, she loved it. We kept telling the boys to be gentle with her, but she kept saying they’re not hurting me, let them play.  Great fun.  We left Nana’s at lunchtime and drove to the storage unit in MD.  We unloaded and picked up our bins of winter clothes.  That’s when my tears started to flow.  It hit me…..we are homeless.  The crazy thing is it hit me when my brother called (we had just finished up at the storage unit) and he asked what kind of cake Brian wanted for his birthday  for later that evening, and I started to cry.  I have know idea why it came out then, but it was humorous.  I got off the phone and Brian was confused about why I was crying….I cleared it all up and started laughing at myself.  Anyway, I’ve shed many more tears the last few days.  This is hard stuff, toting a family of five around.  I keep trying to put it all back into perspective, we’re so glad to get to do all that we are doing these last two months before leaving the country.  So, if you see me and I suddenly burst into tears……it’s only because we are homeless.  Jason and Erika are very gracious to let us stay with them and invade their space with all our stuff–thanks guys.  Back to travel plans, we drive to Cleveland on Saturday and visit with Grandpa Joe and Grandma Ada.  Then we will leave Monday morning, seeing as the Cleveland Browns play Sunday at 4 and not at 1pm.  So we’ll be staying until Monday.  Brian’s glad to see the game with his dad and to be in Browns territory.  Monday we will be in WL until Thanksgiving.  And I think I’ll stop there. 

Zeke turned 7 months on Tuesday,  I don’t have any pictures right now.  He signed “more” 6 times for more food last Sat or Sun.  It was really incredible. He hasn’t done it since, but we’re still working on it.  He’s also going from the crawling position to sitting.  Yesterday when I went to get him from a nap, he was sitting up.  This kid doesn’t waste time….I really thought he’d be immobile a little longer.  I’m just trying to keep up with him. 

Malachi has suddenly become a little boy, he just seems much more grown up all of a sudden.  On our trip from FL, he sat next to Zeke and entertained him so well.  They would laugh and laugh at each other.  Malachi shared all his stuffed animals and he’d sing to him—it was extremely helpful and incredibly sweet.  Once we got to MD and we were in Chesapeake Beach (the neighboring town to where we formally lived) he asked if we were going home to our gray house.  Then we passed by the road to Ben’s house (a friend) and he said that’s Ben’s road.  Later we went to Grammy and Grandaddy’s for a party for Brian and we were waiting at the stoplight to turn and he said that’s the road to Grammy and Grandaddy’s.  This kid is so observant and has a great memory!   Last night we went to the church’s Wed. night dinner to visit with people since we won’t be there Sunday, and Malachi was talking to everyone and giving people hugs.  He is sooooo extroverted!  Oh yeah, another story….we were eating pizza Saturday night in FL and Malachi started talking to a man at another table.  Malachi’s friendliness led us to meet this Pastor whose family lives in Costa Rica ( they are newscasters) .  He gave us their contact info.  Very funny.  God blessed us with this kid, he meets people for us all the time.

I’ve been working on repacking our clothes and I discovered we need more winter clothes for Malachi.  He’s been wearing the same jeans since Monday.  I’m hoping to go shopping tomorrow.
He’s in 5T shirts and 4T pants……this has contributed to him suddenly becoming more grown up. 

Little Elijah is becoming more and more vocal.  He’s singing all the time(even though you can’t always understand it and he doesn’t stay on key very well).  We’ve been trying to crack down on him obeying us, he can be a sly little guy.  He has a knack for playing with things and breaking them….last week it was my sunglasses and a pair of headphones.  So we’ve been working on (both boys) asking before just grabbing things.  Self-control can be challenging to teach with two little guys grabbing stuff.  Oh and Elijah has become interested in praying now.  It is so incredibly adorable.  He squints his eyes and sweetly thanks God for all five of us and whatever else is on his mind.  It melts my heart every time. 

This morning we went to the police department to get fingerprinted for Visas—-my oh my.  It was a long wait, I didn’t come prepared for such a long wait.  The boys were bouncing off the walls, literally!  There was another 2 year old they were playing with.  We were there way too long.  The police officers gave the boys some stuffed animal for being so well-behaved. Boys have so much energy…..I wonder in like a year…when Zeke’s walking, if we’ll ever be able to go out anywhere.  When we’re out in public—I often feel like we’re crazy and everyone is watching the crazy family.  Then people come up and talk to us about how great our kids are. 


7 thoughts on “I’ll be home when…….”

  1. I’m so thankful for the update. I’m praying a lot for you, right now. The homeless thing must be really difficult. We’re hoping to see you guys in IN, if we can. We love you and your family!!

  2. I’m sure you probably have your trip totally mapped out….but wanted to be sure you knew that if you ever needed/wanted a place to eat/sleep/relax in Chicago–you’re welcome to stay with us!  We love having people over πŸ™‚  Feel free to ask πŸ™‚

  3. Wow…this was a wonderful, full post.  I’ve been praying for you so much.  I know it’s so hard. But we are way excited to see you guys on Monday.  I loved the updates on the boys.  They are so great.  I can’t wait to spend some time with them.

  4. I’m praying for you too and am really hoping to see you in IN!!!  Your boys are so fun to read about, I was laughing out loud a few times b/c our boys can totally relate.   It’ll be really fun to see them all play together=)  We’re having issues with grabbing right now too (and hitting and pushing, etc…)  Hoping your time in OH is really good and praying for a smooth trip to IN.

  5. Bless your heart.  It really is ok to cry about this.  All of this really.  It’s a huge transition and quite taxing trying to arrange all of this for your family of five.  Your very, very cute family of five.  They are growing so fast!!  Yay for Zeke signing and sitting up!  It’s so very big boy.  

  6. Wow. Not surprising that tears are close to the surface. I know this time is really hard. I didn’t have to do all you are going through with kids, so I can’t imagine juggling all that you are. Know that friends are all over the place praying for you and wanting to help however possible! Thanks for keeping us updated! 

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