Hugemongous Picture Post

Here’s a review of the last several weeks, just in pictures.  I can’t manage to put words to them all, but we had a great visit to Indiana and Ohio.  It was a blast seeing almost all of you blogging gals.  We had a great time as a team too, it’s sort of weird that we all won’t be together again until we’re in Argentina.  I thought I’d share some of the things I’ve been thinking about in regards to this training we’re receiving, but I’ll save that for another day.  Zeke has been doing really well the last few days.  He naps in our room, but hangs out in childcare the times he’s awake and he isn’t crying for me or Brian continuously.  I was really concerned about it all, but it’s going well so far.  And I just step out of class to nurse him, I decided to not bother with the bottle.  I’m so thankful for how accommodating the staff have been to the needs of families.  And so the picture extravaganza.

Malachi really enjoys his friend, Ellie.

I shouldn’t have captured more of the static in his hair!

They loved this cabinet.

Who could pass up a story from Sarah.

Great smiles.

Girl’s breakfast out for Sarah’s birthday.

Great face Becca!  Those boy’s loved playing with her.

Thank you Deb for enduring the little mountain climbers.  These boys had a blast together.

I love seeing kids cuddled up and reading books.

Happy boy!

Elli was so outnumbered that night.

This is such a cute picture.

Deb’s yummy thanksgiving meal!

Sorry about the pict Jen—-but Elijah really liked playing with you!

Auntie V and Zekey

Uncle Joey and Elijah

I don’t look like I belong……

I yanked Summer’s front tooth….it had been hanging for months and the adult tooth was growing behind it.  I felt so special she let me pull it!

Love those boys!

Love those girls!

These two have a special bond.  Summer read so many books to Elijah!

Uncle Joey is great with kids!

I was sad about not having a Christmas tree.  Brian jokingly mentioned we could get one for the van.  A week later he surprised me with this taped to the dashboard.  Very sweet.

7 thoughts on “Hugemongous Picture Post”

  1. Glad things are going well so far. I left a note on Jil’s blog about a church I recommend in CO Springs if y’all are interested. I am jealous that you all are there…I love CO! Thanks for the adorable pics…your kids are getting big quickly!

  2. Wow.  What memories you all are making, but I’m sure it’s a whirlwind.  I’m glad CO is going well–I’ve heard wonderful things about it.  That’s so sweet about the tree.  

  3. It was so fun to see your pictures!!  I love your little Christmas tree, very sweet of Brian!  I’m so glad Zeke is doing so well with sleeping and feeding and it’s working out for you to be at the sessions.  Sounds like the staff is really great!! Can’t wait to hear what you’ve been learning & praying for you=)

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