He’s 8 months!

Zeke has acquired more abilities in the last month.  He’s pulling himself up to stand and eating cheerios now.  The second day of eating cheerios, he wouldn’t let me feed them to him.  He wanted to pick them up off the table or he’d push my hand away from his mouth, grab it out of my hand and put it in his mouth.  Determined little guy.   Other news, a new tooth popped in last week—making that a total of five.  The other night in the bathtub he was having a blast splashing in the water.  He also started crawling around in the bathtub.  He was really interested in dipping his hand in and out of the water.  He decided his face would be more interesting to dip in and out of the water.  The boy wouldn’t stop.  I’d pick him up and sit him back on his bottom.  He’d go back to all fours and dip his face back in.  He loved it.  My little daredevil. 

I’m too spent to write about anything else.  Malachi and Elijah are
doing well.  They’ve been saying some funny lines, but none are coming
to me right now.  I hope to blog more another time about some of my
thoughts about our experience here.  It’s been really helpful and in a
sense, has become a debriefing from our time spent church-planting in
Philadelphia.  It’s been emotionally draining and so I can’t muster up
much more than that right now. 

Here’s some pictures from our incredible time spent at Garden of the
Gods.  We went on Saturday with the Elledges and then spent some time there on Sunday too. Malachi and Elijah couldn’t get enough of the rocks.  Elijah
kept wanting to climb higher and higher.  Brian is so excited for the
years to come of time spent doing these kinds of activities outside
with his boys.  (I look forward to it too, I love nature! )


5 thoughts on “He’s 8 months!”

  1. OH MAN! That pic of Pikes Peak is awesome.  Makes me homesick!  We used to have it “framed” in our picture window when we lived in the Springs.  I miss the mountains.  Enjoy while you can…cuz their ain’t none where you’re going! 

  2. Adorable Zekey.  Wonderful pictures.  Oddly short comments from me.  We’ve been praying for you guys so much.  We were happy to see you having fun last weekend and to hear that the kids are doing so well.

  3. I was just thinking about you guys and your busy schedule and wanted to check and see what you were up to…so nosey 🙂
    We as well as our church have been keeping you in prayer.

  4. So fun to see all of your pictures–Zeke looks so adorable, I love the bath pictures of him=)  And the outdoor pictures were really fun too, some really good ones of all of you.  Praying for you to keep having strength and energy to soak in what you’re learning.   So glad the boys are doing well and it’s been helpful to you so far. 

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