I Can’t Believe It….

Tomorrow we leave the country, I’m having a huge array of feelings.  I’m so thrilled to be in our own place tomorrow night!  I really hope our 16 rubbermaid containers and one bag make it okay…….I feel okay with that amount now.  I was feeling really, really weird about that many–but oh well.  Our desktop computer takes up two tubs, I tried to whittle it down as much as I could—welll I totally could have gotten rid of more toys, but they got some really cool stuff for Christmas and well, we brought it.  Do you hear the hesitancy here, I’m starting to feel more and more conspicuous with all that luggage!!  I really thought I was okay with it, I guess I need some more convincing.  I am so drained, physically and emotionally.  I really just want to go into an empty room and just cry….but I haven’t had the privacy nor the time.  It’s come out in many random ways this week……I burst into tears when I saw a lady from church at the grocery store and she asked how I was doing.  She was very understanding and comforting.  I don’t feel like I’ve had good goodbyes, we’ve been so rushed this week to accomplish everything and just not enough time to just hang out and enjoy people and family.  We had an escapade with all our paperwork….our fingerprints from the state of MD were waiting for us at Jason and Erika’s house.  Mine were smeared so they weren’t processed and Brian’s name was spelled wrong on the gold seal letter.  So instead of going to the consulate on Wednesday, we went up to Baltimore to have mine redone.  They weren’t going to be ready until Friday, so that ruled out taking them to the CR consulate in DC because it would take 2 to 3 days to process them.  So we called the consulate and we could send them in and they’d send them back…..so that would be back to GBIM because we don’t know our home address(silly us) and the school’s address is a PO Box—-which can’t be used by Fed Ex or whatever. So then GBIM will have to send them to us.  I hope that all works out. 

I’m feeling weird about leaving without being sent out by our church…..they will be doing our commissioning when we return to the US before Argentina.  I’m really wishing they would have done it now.  I was really needing some kind of meaningful goodbye.  Tonight was a goodbye party to my youth pastor, Steve. Tomorrow’s his last day, he started there my freshman year of high school.  I’m feeling amazingly sad about him leaving too.  It will be weird to return and there will be a new youth pastor and probably within five years, the senior pastor will retire and then there will be someone else new.  We won’t have relationships with them…..that will be so strange.   Back to a happy thought…….at the party I saw several of my friends….one I hadn’t seen in about 7 years.  He got married and has two kids.  It was great to see Jesse.  This is crazy, he met his wife in NYC and she went to Dayton Christian with Brian—–weird, huh? 

I need to go to bed…we are leaving for the airport at 4:30am.  Wow, will that be a really long day.  I’m nervous, excited and scared.  I can’t believe it is finally here.  It’s finally here.


4 thoughts on “I Can’t Believe It….”

  1. We prayed for you guys this morning…and I’ll be praying all day.  I cried a little when I read this and when I read Jil’s entry, too.  I can just feel all those conflicting emotions.  You guys have been through so much in the last few months.  I’m so excited for you to get settled into your own place again, even if it is in a strange new country.  We’ll be waiting for updates on everything there…and praying a lot.  Did I mention that we’ll be praying?  We love you guys.

  2. You all have been in our prayers all day.  Hopefully, right now, you all are moving through an airport in C.R.  I’m so glad you all will be in your own place tonight.  

  3. We’re praying for you guys and you are on our minds so much too.   Hopefully by now you are feeling a little more settled…thanks for sharing so openly so I can really know how to pray for you.   We love you guys too!!

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