Feliz fin de semana

Our internet is back, it’s been off for several days.  I’m glad to be back online.  We are doing well.  Class started on Wednesday.  I like my teachers and my classmates and I’m really enjoying learning Spanish right now.  The alphabet is a little different from how I was taught it and some of the letters make different sounds here in CR than what we’ll be using in Argentina.  (side note: I just got a phone call from our empleada(our maid) and we wanted to set up a time to meet her this weekend, but we couldn’t communicate!  It was funny and frustrating at the same time.  Brian was gone too, so there wasn’t twice the brain power.  So, hopefully we’ll get someone to help us to call her back to set up a time to meet her for the first time.–Funny, funny)   Our kids are doing okay in childcare.  They’ve all taken turns crying when we’ve dropped them off this week.  I’ve been more at ease about it, but it still seems like there should be more workers for the number of children in each classroom..  We’ll see if maybe that will change, several students are voicing their concerns about the ratio to the school’s administration, maybe they’ll hire more childcare workers. 

This has taken me several hours to write.  We did get back with our empleada, Virginia.  Our neighbors, Brit and Sherri, came up to help us.  We’ll be meeting her Monday afternoon.  I think we may need some help then too!  I’m so thankful we’ll be having help to clean, it’s been so exhausting to study and clean and take care of my family.  It will be a huge load off my back and hopefully she’ll be gracious enough to practice Spanish with me…..and show me how to make some Costa Rican food!  Yummy. 

Some updates on the kids…..

Zeke:  He turned 9 months on the 5th.  He is so mobile!!!!!  Yesterday he took his first step.  All of our family has been saying that boy would be walking at 9 months and it very well could happen. He loves eating and his weight shows it–22 lbs.  He’s huge, my other boys weren’t this big nor this mobile.  He loves watching his brothers and trying to play with whatever they are playing.  They are still learning to share, we hear a lot of, “No Zekey!” right now.  He loves picking things up off the floor and putting them in his mouth, he finds so many small pieces of stuff on the floor—-yuck!  He found a small piece of glass last week on the kitchen floor. We did get it out of his mouth, thankfully. He loves trying new foods, I haven’t found anything he hasn’t liked yet.  He bit Elijah for the first time this week—Elijah is finally getting a taste of his own medicine.  He really hasn’t done it in awhile, but the other day Elijah left a bite mark on Chi.  I hate this biting thing, Zeke’s been trying out his chompers for a while now—all 7 of them.  Nursing and teeth just don’t go together. 

Elijah:  He’s speaking in complete sentences more and more.  He doesn’t mumble nearly as much as he used too.  It is so fun to have complete conversations with him.  (I wonder if in 2 1/2 years my Spanish will just be becoming clearer to understand!)  He’s so funny and silly.  He loves getting you to laugh with him.  He loves helping me in the kitchen, which really is him eating whatever veggie I’m cutting up—but I don’t complain!  He gets so excited to ride in a taxi….because he has no carseat to hold him down.  I can already envision the arguing and whining that will take place when we return to the states and have to use carseats again.  He got a computer for Christmas, one that plugs into the TV.  It’s so fun to see him get to use the keyboard, he was always touching buttons on our computers…and messing something up.  He is at such a fun stage right now, he still whines often, but it is decreasing more and more since he has more words to use.  Love that boy!

Malachi:  He’s such a unique little guy.  He still has very specific preferences and wants things in certain orders.  He misses our blue van, but he also loves riding in the taxi or bus.  He asked me tonight if Rich and Jil and us would switch cars.  I was explaining to him we don’t have any cars right now.  He suggested we go to a car store and buy one…..a big, huge one that reaches to the sky.  Funny boy.   He’s still crazy about  pbj sandwiches.  I am so very thankful we can buy peanut butter down here—-thank you God!  He frequently says gibberish words and says he’s speaking Spanish. 

I hope our internet is working tomorrow, I feel so clueless when it’s off.  It’s great to feel so connected to the world! 


7 thoughts on “Feliz fin de semana”

  1. It was so great to hear from you again!  Sorry about the internet troubles.  THat can be so frustrating and isolating.  I’m praying you can stay connected.  I’m soo glad that the kids are doing better in child care.  I’m sure the more they pick up Spanish and get used to things it will be even better.  I can only imagine that phone converation with your empleada.  The phone is the worst anyway.  Hopefully Monday will be better.  It’s so great that you’ll have help.  It’s all the little everyday things like cleaning and cooking that can get so overwhelming.  Thanks for the great updates on the boys.  I can’t believe Zeke is ready to walk!  What a boy.  I guess he really can’t wait to get in there with his brothers.  They are all such great kids.  I can’t even imagine how much they are going to grow and change in this year.  We love you all!

  2. Wow, great updates on the kiddos. Glad to hear how things are going. I’m sure it is taxing, but it sounds like you are more positive in this post. I am so glad you will be having help with the house, that will free up a lot of physical and emotional energy for everything else you have on your plate! 

  3. Yeah for the internet.  Thanks for posting; so good to hear from you/about you all.  I’m glad the kids are doing pretty well and SO GLAD you will have help.  Trying to communicate is just so funny…from my limited experience, I agree with Deb…the phone is awful.  I remember being in that apartment in B.A. with Deb, if we were home alone, dreading the phone ringing.  Hope you all are having a great Saturday together, today.  We continue to pray for you all.

  4. I was so excited to read an update from you too!!  Sounds like your classes are going well so far and I’m so glad it’s getting a little easier for the boys in childare too–our prayers are being answered!!  It was fun to read the update on your boys–they all sound so fun in their own unique way.  I’ll be praying you can meet/communicate with Virginia on Monday, can’t wait to hear how it goes and I’m so glad you’ll have help too.  It’ll be so good to not have to worry about EVERYTHING and hopefully it will help you be able to focus on family and Spanish–love you and praying for you!

  5. I would LOVE it if you would teach Ellie some ballet.  She is so into dancing and I’m just…well, embarrassing.  Do note her final statement, though.  She likes it fast.  That ballet music didn’t move enough for her. 

  6. What a great update!  Chad & I were talking about what a great mom you were.  You always give little tidbits about each boy and really cherish them for their individuality.  It’s wonderful.  

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