Yummy Yummies!

Good thing I started running again yesterday……there is so much yummy food.  I love all the veggies and fruits, and the panaderia.  That place is awesome!!!!  Zeke and I went for a walk today to get some yummy sweet things.  I love the city, love love love that there is a bakery a block away and there’s a grocery store around the corner from my house.  I took a walk there yesterday for a few items(by myself).  I even spoke a complete spanish sentence today at the bakery..  The guy talked back to me in English….so funny.  There’s a pizza shop like two blocks away that has two for one pizzas and a great indoor play area.  We’ve gone twice since we’ve been here.  We also found a mall that has a great indoor play area and that mall also has strollers and little two seated wagons to rent(like 50 cents an hour).  That works great for our kid’s….since a double stroller doesn’t fit on a bus or in a taxi.  So back to food……..Virgina made us lunch today.  It was super yummy.  Rice and chicken with green beans, carrots, cilantro, red peppers and lots of flavor….plus the best smashed black beans ever.  They were delicious.  The picture doesn’t make it look too yummy, but it had lots of flavor. 

Yummy bakery items….that cost a total of like $3.00.

Some other items.  I really like these tubes of mayo and jam, so much
better than reaching in a jar and getting knuckles of goo.  These
little cookies, “chiky” are delicious and very, very inexpensive.  Jil
blogged about prices on produce the other day…….it really is
wonderful.  I’ve made salsa several times and guacamole.  It is so fun
to have such inexpensive and yummy produce.  I love it. 

Finally some picturess.  I haven’t put pictures on here in a
while.  Brian just downloaded the pictures from our camera dating back
a month and a half ago.  It is so good to be settled…..really, really
good.  I am really starting to feel more at home.  (So at least I am at
this moment in time, it very well could change tomorrow.)

This would be our couch before the change.  We got this book for the boys for Christmas.  It’s called, “Roar of a Snore.”  It’s super duper cute……I love rhyming, sing-songy books.  The boys love it too and they anticipate the words.  (I chopped my hair the day before we left.  It feels good to have it shorter.)

This is the couch after the change…..much more comfortable. (There will be more apartment footage on another entry.)

The guy and desk that saved the day last Wednesday.  I thought they both deserve some face time.

They boys enjoying the yard and play equipment. 

One of many of our little buddies in the back yard.  (Okay, so I just like looking at them from a distance, they really freak me out!!!!)


9 thoughts on “Yummy Yummies!”

  1. WHERE did you run?  You are Wonder Woman!!  The living room looks so cozy.  Yay for Virginia!  That looks really good.  Rich and Em got bread from that panaderia yesterday…and also got that dulce de leche thing and the whipped cream filled one.  Yum.  Again, where did you run? 🙂

  2. Yummy food! The couch definitely looks more comfortable now! That spider is creepy. I’m the kind of freak who would look on the Internet for pictures of every bug I saw to find out what it is and how dangerous it could be 🙂 I’m glad you are fascinated by them!

  3. I think it’s pretty awesome you are running too!  Those sweets look so good–I can’t believe you got all of that for $3!!  Virginia’s food sounds really good, if we had a maid, I know we’d be eating lots better than if I were cooking=)  I think your apartment is looking really cozy too, you did a great job improving the couch.  The boys look like they are loving the backyard–how fun for them=)  And, the pizza place and indoor mall sound great–love any place with kid-play area and double strollers you can use/rent.  That sounds really great for you guys with transportation stuff too.  So glad your week has been going well–we’ll keep praying!!

  4. Great post! The food looks amazing. Your apartment is so great! You really have a knack for decorating. I love what you did with the couch. It is amazing how little things can make so much difference. I really have to tuck that away for future use.
    I cannot believe how different the boys look in just a month! Wow! I cannot wait to talk to you guys tonight 🙂

  5. I admire you for running.  Sometimes I run up our stairs.  christa has kept me informed a bit.  I’m glad you’ve made some headway with things, like the desk and couch.  I pray for you a lot.  

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