Merry Christmas…….

I never got to do a Christmas post….so Merry Christmas to all!!!  (Warning:  Lots of pictures) We
got to celebrate with so many people.  We spent some time in Ohio with
Brian’s dad and stepmom.  We visited several light’s displays and got
to go to the library to pick out Christmas books and videos.  Grandma
Ada works at the library….it was a really great library.  It had toys
too….and puzzles to play with.  The boys loved it. 
If I lived in Cleveland, I would be visiting that library all the
time.  I don’t have any pictures with Grandma and Grandpa because we
took a lot of video.  We also got to spend an evening at Chuck E.
Cheese’s with Veronica, Taylor, Summer and Brian’s brother, Joey.  It
was so much fun, this was the boy’s first visit.  They loved it and I
loved how they had that invisible ink number on my boy’s hands……so
they don’t leave with anybody but their parents.  Really, really great

Elijah and Bob

Summer and Chi

 Tay-Tay and Chi

Autnie V and Zeke

Uncle Joey and Taylor

The cousins
We then drove to MD and had several celebrations there too.  We enjoyed our time with Grammy and Grandaddy…….

We stayed with Jason and Erika.  Nana also stayed there for several days.  Erika and Nana and my dad watched the boys a lot as we packed and did all the last minute things to move to CR.  I have a ton of pictures of our time at their house…….

Cute stair steps…..out of order, but still cute

Malachi lining up his new Cars. (A memorable moment from Malachi……..My dad brought some chocolates with various liquores in them.  We told Malachi he couldn’t have any because they had liquor in them.  He says back,  “I like liquor!!” 

Happy faces!!!

They were alternating between happy faces and mad faces…..funny that I caught this mad face.

My little snowman pajamas boy.

Yummy cookies and a movie on Christmas Eve.

Yummy dinner Erika made…..with fun party favors.

The calendars were a hit!

Cuddling time with GG.

Lots of reading with Grandpa.

Very sweet.

I opened this from my Nana.  I was totally blindsided.  I knew some day I would recieve this ring.  Growing up my Nana would frequently show me her jewelry and tell me the history of each piece and would remind me that when she dies I’ll get it all.  Sort of morbid, but funny too.  (Just a reminder that I am the only grandaughter and my brother is the only grandson.)  So, for Christmas Nana gave me her engagement ring from my Pop-pop…..he passed away 7 years ago on the 18th of December.  When I opened the box I cried and cried.  It is so very meaningful…..very very meaningful.  She gave it to me now because as she had said several times before I left……”I don’t know if I’ll see you again.  I’m not gonna stay around forever.”  Such a special gift.  

I really missed slowing down and celebrating the true meaning and carrying on traditions with the boys….but nonetheless….it was very special to be with family.  Merry Christmas to all!


6 thoughts on “Merry Christmas…….”

  1. Such a beautiful ring, and what a wonderful moment for the 2 of you to share. I am glad she got to see you receive it. Very very wonderful.Loved all the pictures, everyone looks so happy 🙂

  2. Those are wonderful pictures.  It looks like a very happy family Christmas…although I’m sure it was a little crazy, too.  That is so amazing that your Nana gave you her ring.  It’s beautiful and so special.

  3. Sweet moment with your Nana. I’m glad you got that special time with family. There will be plenty of slower years in the future, I’m sure, so it is great that you had time with those you will miss while in Argentina. Thanks for the pics…your boys are so cute!

  4. I love the mad face Malachi is making and the pictures of your dad reading to the boys, so precious!!  And that is a really special gift from your Nana–a great meaningful memory.  So glad you got to see so much family before you left…it looked like a wonderful time together!!  Praying this week goes well for all of you.

  5. I want to give your Nana a huge hug.  She is just so precious.  What a wonderful memory to have and share with your children.  It’s just beautiful.  Thank you for your Christmas post!  Your boys are ADORABLE.  

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