Doka and Paos

It’s been a week, they go by so quickly now.  I don’t think I ever shared our schedule with you all.  Here goes:

5:35 Alarm goes off
5:40 I get in the shower
6:15 Get everyone else up, if they haven’t already woken up and eat breakfast
7:05 Out the door to walk to school–about a 7 minute walk
7:15 drop kid’s off at Rayitos del Sol
7:30 Grammar class begins for Brian and I—we’re in the same class(10 all together)
    Oscar is our teacher….funny, funny guy
8:25 Stay in Grammar class
9:20 Language class with Elena(she’s my age and getting married in April) –Brian and I are separated–(five in my class and the other five in his from our previous class)
10:10 to 11:15  Break—there’s chapel on Tues and Thurs, we haven’t been yet….maybe someday…..
11:15  Phonetics with Gabriela (same five people in my class)—I just learned last week that she’s the best on the campus, she corrects us all the time—I’m so glad!!!!
12: 05 Go pick up the boys and walk home for lunch

We’ve been going to bed by 9:30pm.  It has been such an adjustment, I’m such a night person.  This week I finally felt rested during the day, but I would start crashing around 8 pm.  I study when the boys nap and study when I have the energy after putting the boys to bed, but I often start to drift when I study.  Zeke’s been only waking up once a night and even slept the whole night once or twice this week. That makes a huge difference!  We got to sleep in this morning… 6:30am!  It really was amazing……may I add, that we were in bed at 9:30 last night.  No late night movie for us, we were exhausted!

A week ago today, we went on a trip with students from the school to the Doka Coffee Plantation and the Paos Volcanoe.  It was so beautiful. It was a rough trip with the boys, at the school at 6:30 and back by 5pm.  It was worth it for the pictures.  Jil has some details about both places if you’re interested.  I loved being able to take so many pictures………loved it.  Here’s a few  :

Flowers and plants at Doka

The stars at the plantation….and of Starbucks……

This is how the coffee plants start.

These are the beans on the tree.

You can suck on the peeled seeds.

This is the basket used to pick them… weighs 25 pounds full and costs a like $1.50 to sell to…..Starbucks or whoever.

A bug tub of washed beans

A handful of dried beans…they are sent to Starbucks like this and they roast them.

Coffee beans drying.

This is how they are dried.

Fully dried.

Look at these stars…..

Papa let him drink some samples.

Paos Volcano:

Beautiful view.

Further up the mountain….was this crater filled with rain water.

The path down the mountain.

Our yummy lunch at Freddo Fresas with fresh yummy strawberry drinks

Jil is holding a coffee, Rich says it is the best cup of coffee he’s ever had.  It was at a souvenir shop close to the restaurant.  Wish I would have had some!

All my kids are cranky I gotta go love on them.  I have more to share, hope it won’t take me another week!


5 thoughts on “Doka and Paos”

  1. What a packed schedule! I am impressed with your adaptive skills. Great pics, the flowers are gorgeous. It is hard for me to remember that there are things living elsewhere in the world. Winter, blah.

  2. Those pictures are just amazing.  I so admire your photography skills.  Nate and I were just talking about how it really is cool that for all you sacrifice living in another country, one of the things you get back is getting to do some amazingly cool things.  I’ve definitely started focusing my prayers on strength and endurance for you guys.  The schedule sounds pretty grueling.  I do hope you’re able to find some times of rest here and there.  Keep up the good work.

  3. That sure is a full schedule–you are doing so great getting used to it!!  I’ve been waking up b/t 5:30-5:45am too–to fit in walking.  I’m glad I know you’re getting up then too–I’ll pray for you as I wake up=)   It was so fun to see your pictures–they are amazing.  The boys looked like they are enjoying those drinks, fresh strawberries..mmmmm!  And you guys really are having some new and really cool experiences, I love hearing about them.  Praying for you lots and lots and hope this week goes really well.

  4. Wow.  I LOVE your pictures.  Amazing shots.  I just read your new post too.  I can’t believe that Elijah said that to Chi!  And that ZEKE! is saying hola!  These kids.  Em just impressed us with a little spanish this morning too 🙂

  5. What a full day.  You all are amazing.  I’ll echo Deb and say that I’ll be praying for strength and endurance for each of you.  I’m so glad that you all are able to just visit the country on the weekends (although I know not every weekend will be like that).  I’m sure it helps break up things up a bit.  The pictures are just beautiful.  What an gorgeous place.  

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