To infinity and beyond

Last night we had a family movie night.  It was such a blast.  We watched Toy Story, it was the first time the boys had seen it.  They were so excited, we were too.  This may soon become a tradition. We got all cozy on the couch and cuddled and laughed and watched.  I loved it.  All this morning Malachi was playing with the Buzz and Woody we have, I heard to infinity and beyond a bunch of times and reminders that we were in Andy’s house.  Very cute.

The boys and Spanish…..
Elijah:  Last Friday(over a week ago), I was putting the boys to bed and was reminding them about our trip to the volcano the next day. Elijah asked if we were going to the feria……so cute that he remembered what we’ve been doing all the other Saturdays.  Today, he was playing with Malachi in the bedroom and I heard him saying, “Malachi esta aqui.”  What??????  Wow, I know I will continue to be amazed at my kid’s ability to learn Spanish and English simultaneously.

Zeke:  His caretakers mentioned to me on Friday how he is starting to say, “hola”.  I heard him do it yesterday…..very cute. 

Malachi:  I was asking him things his teacher says to him in Spanish, I was saying a whole bunch of phrases, but none of them were registering.  One of the things I asked about was sientese……..the next day he was playing at home and all of a sudden he ran up to me and said, “Mama, today my teacher said sientese to me at snack time.”  It was so awesome.  The other day while he was supposed to be napping, he was at the window and I could hear him yelling, “Buenas Dias” and “Hola” to the people walking by. 

Yesterday we went to the feria to get some veggies and fruit.  It was the first time that I understood the numbers(amount of money) the vendors would say to me.  We went over numbers this week—the large ones.  $1 is equivalent to about 500 colones.  I knew my numbers up to 100.  Learning the thousands and millions has revolutionized my understanding! 

We’ve started date night babysitting with the Elledges……so wonderful.  Last Friday Brian and I went to downtown San Jose to walk around and we came back to a neighborhood restaurant called Fresas.  It was so yummy.  We were going to go to an Argentine restaurant downtown, but it didn’t open for dinner until 6:30—of course.  Our date was an afternoon date and an early dinner… we’ll have to go back to that place another time.  I love this date night(afternoon) thing. 

Yesterday we had a little cook-out in our backyard with the Elledges and another family from school…..Angela and Ken and their three kids.  The grill took awhile to figure out……but I think Brian now knows how to get it going and keep it hot.  It was so fun to sit around and chat while our kids were contained and playing.  It’s a great, great yard. 

Zeke’s room… isn’t fancy, but it feels a lot better. 
The shower curtain before the cut…..


Elementary Girl Scout’s skills proved to be useful.


5 thoughts on “To infinity and beyond”

  1. Oh, wow, I’m so glad you guys got a date afternoon!  That’s awesome.  and it sounds like you got to do several fun and relaxing things this weekend.  I’m so, so glad.  That yard is amazing.  I’m really impressed with what you did with the curtain.  It looks so cute. 

  2. That’s so awesome how the boys are learning Spanish, incredible!!  We love family movie nights too, they are so fun.  I’m really impressed with your girl scout skills, the curtains look adorable.  That’s a great plan to have the babysitting dates…it’s so good you’re making that happen…so glad for you guys! And your backyard looks perfect for a BBQ!

  3. Tag-team dates are the best!!!  I’m so glad you get the chance to see the town on your own.  Your backyard is so cool–looks like a park!  And how creative of you with the shower curtain–it looks so good.  All I remember from girl scouts is selling cookies 🙂  

  4. Glad you got a date! So important! And I love your yard…it makes me envious of the sunshine!!! Glad the boys are using some Spanish…that’s great that it is happening already.

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