Everything takes longer here, except……

Going to the pharmacy.  This is the fourth day in a row we’ve visited it.  Everyone there is so nice and so helpful.  Brian and I went on Monday to get Hep A and B shots.  They didn’t have them, so they said come back tomorrow.  We went on Tuesday and got our Hep A shots.  They said come back tomorrow for the Hep B.  So yesterday we went back and got Hep B.  The pharmacist (who is considered a doctor and gives you the shots) was there each time we went and was very patient with our small amount of Spanish.  She spoke a little English too.  Yesterday Malachi and I didn’t go to school.  He’s had a fever since Tuesday afternoon.  We stayed home today too.  I noticed small white dots on his really red throat last night.  He had another restless night and this morning at school Brian checked the doctor’s schedule  and there was an opening.  (There is a doctor who comes to the school on Tues and Thurs—he was an MK and has a real heart for missionaries.)  We walked over to school so Malachi could see the doctor(Zeke stayed with me again today too.)  He confirmed my thoughts of strep throat.  He gave us a prescription for an antibiotic, which is one of the only kinds of medicines you need a prescription for here.  We walked over to the pharmacy and got our prescription right away.  There was no waiting.  Each time we’ve gone this week, there’s been no waiting.  Wonderful….really, really wonderful.  Malachi just fell asleep on the couch as I’m typing this….so sweet and sad.  He can’t go to school tomorrow either because he’s so contagious.  I really, really, really hope it doesn’t pass on to any other members of our family.  Yesterday Malachi and I had such a wonderful morning while Zeke napped.  It was fun to have some one-on-one time with him.  We worked on a preschool workbook for the first time together, it was so fun.  He loved it and I was so surprised to see him figure out a page on patterns.  He totally figured it out.  It made me miss just staying home and playing with my kids.  The morning was often our activity time……it’s difficult to do that kind of stuff in the afternoons.  There’s often a lot of crankiness—at least one kid is usually cranky. 

In other news:
Zeke is officially walking—he walks a lot now.  He travels from wall to wall or a from one piece of furniture to another.  It is crazy and so great to see this little person move so quickly. 
The other day Elijah sang a complete song, “Five Little Monkey’s Jumping on the Bed” ….with a little help with the numbers.   It was absolutely one of his cutest moments.  He really likes this song because last week while napping, he had a rude awakening when he fell off his bed onto the wooden floor on his head.  He has a real connection with this song.
Malachi is so funny.  He often explains things to us….like last night at dinner he was telling us how orange juice is made.  He told us with such enthusiasm and wonderful hand and facial expressions.  It is so fun to hear him figure out how things work. 

I’ve had a little but more practice with Spanish the last few days…..Virginia has been here the last two days we’ve been home.  It’s been good practice.  We had some star fruit, which we found out are really sour if you just cut them up and eat them….she made a juice out of them yesterday.  It was so refreshing and yummy and sweet.  She has been such a huge help.  I am so thankful we can have her.  She makes some great food.

Gotta go feed Zekey.

8 thoughts on “Everything takes longer here, except……”

  1. I’m so glad you’ve had some time with the little guys – even if it’s been from sickness.  If it’s any encouragment, I think I’ve heard that it’s really rare for a kid 3 and under to get strep, so hopefully, the other two little ones won’t get it – – -not any encouragment for the mommy and daddy, sorry.  I’m glad Virginia is a help.

  2. I’m so glad the pharmacy is a relatively drama free place.  Nice and easy with no waiting.  Perfect.  I’ve heard the same thing as Christa about strep.  Hopefully, you and Brian don’t catch it.  I love stories about your kids.  And God Bless Virginia for feeding you.  The star fruit juice sounds delicious!

  3. We need to talk about the shots.  We need to get those too.  Your description of the starfruit’s tartness made my mouth water 🙂  It is tart, but I like it.  How did she make it?  Brian said you don’t have a blender.  I’m curious 🙂  I hope Chi is feeling better and has enough antibiotics in him to go to school tomorrow.  I missed seeing you.

  4. We do have a blender….hmmm….does that say how much time he spends in the kitchen. =)  She did use a blender and a little strainer to strain out all the seeds.  

  5. I’m glad you got some time with the boys and hope Malachi is feeling better soon too.  Virginia sounds wonderful–so glad you have her!  And Zeke is walking–he is going to be caught up to his brothers in no time!

  6. Wow, I can’t believe Zeke is walking! It feels like he was just a newborn such a short time ago! Sorry some of you are sick, but I hope you can get rest while you are home!

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