Conversations with Malachi

I love the conversations that come out at bedtime…..

Mama:  Malachi remember you switched your head to the other side of your bed.  I don’t want you to forget while you’re sleeping and fall out of your bed and crack your head open. 
Chi:  I would cry and Malachi wouldn’t be here anymore. 
Mama:  I would be really sad if Malachi wasn’t here anymore.
Chi:  You could just go to a kid store and buy another Malachi.
Mama:  God only made one Malachi.  You are special because God only made one of you.  I couldn’t buy another Malachi. 
Chi: But couldn’t you go to the kid store and buy another kid?
Mama:  Kid’s don’t come from kid stores.  God made you and put you in mama’s belly….actually it isn’t mama’s belly it was mama’s uterus.  But God put you there and then you came out as a baby.
Chi: (he continues thinking) 

A few minutes later Malachi walks out of his room and
Chi:  Sometimes I have bad dreams
Papa: Tell me about your bad dreams
Chi:  Sometimes I see giant monsters in my dreams, but then I pray to Jesus and he makes them happy.  Do you have bad dreams?
Papa:  Sometimes I have bad dreams and sometimes I don’t.
Chi:  Sometimes you do and sometimes you don’t. (to Mama) Do you have bad dreams?
Mama:  Sometimes I do and sometimes I don’t.  When I do I sometimes sing songs about Jesus, like Jesus loves me.  Or sometimes I pray to Jesus.
(Elijah walks out of his room with a big smile. He joined the little party on the couch.)
Papa:  Okay, back to bed…..


5 thoughts on “Conversations with Malachi”

  1. So funny.  I forgot to tell you, the other day when they were getting in bed for naptime, Chi told me that when you close your eyes you see pictures!  He was really excited about it.  He’s so funny.

  2. So cute…I’d love to just inside their little minds and know what they’re thinking…you’re going to be so glad you’re writing (or typing) these conversations down, it’ll be so fun to read to your boys as they get older!!

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