Home again, home again…..

Zeke is sick.  He has tonsillitis.  Zeke and Em have been sharing some germs, I think I may possibly have it too.  It spreads like wildfire.  I’m hoping Malachi is already immune.  Elijah has only had the stomach virus since we’ve been here.  In the states, he’s usually the one to catch colds or viruses, but it’s been the opposite here.  I came home early from school today with Zeke and we’ll be home tomorrow too.  We went back to the same pharmacy to get some antibiotics. The pharmacist reminded me to come back to get our next dose of Hep shots next week….sweet lady.

Zeke’s story….Yesterday I signed up for a doctor’s appointment for him because he’s had a runny nose for a long time and a cough and congestion for about a week and a half.  He hasn’t had any other symptoms.  I just figured I should get him checked out.  This morning, I took him to daycare and when I picked him up a few hours later for the appointment, the ladies said he was acting lethargic and seemed warm.  I’m so thankful we had an appointment.  The doctor listened to his chest and told me an expectorant to get.  Then he looked at his throat and said he needed some antibiotics too.  So….I’m so glad he got sick with this the day I was already taking him to the doctor(okay, glad sounds odd there, I’m thankful the two coincided.).  Do any of you know the safety in giving an infant an expectorant?  I decided against giving him a decongestant.  He slept for four hours this afternoon, totally out of character.   He woke up really warm (my thermometer’s battery died, so I don’t know his actual temp).  But then he was happy the rest of the night.  His latest trick is climbing up on the couch(remember it’s a really short futon).  He’s so proud of himself when he’s up there and keeps trying to do all these crazy stunts.  He tries to climb on everything, the beds, the chairs, the coffee table, plastic bins.

The other day I got out the shoes I brought for Zeke to wear……all shoes the other two boy’s wore.  I tried to try on size 2, no luck.  I tried the pair of size 3’s, no luck.  The pair of size 3 open-toed sandals just barely fit….maybe for another week!  I don’t have size 4 shoes.  I can’t recall why, I remember having a pair for Chi.  I don’t think Elijah ever wore size four, so I must have just gotten rid of them.  So needless to say the boy needs shoes!!  He has a pair of those leather slip-ons.  I love them.  I never used them for the other two boys.  They still fit for now, but they really aren’t going to last much longer.  Shoes are really expensive here…..there are all the name brand sneakers and they are twice as much. Then there’s Payless, but the kid’s shoes there are like $25 to $30.  There are off brands, I looked for a pair on Saturday and I had no luck.  Everything really takes a long time to find……I know I’ve mentioned that before, but it’s crazy how difficult it is to just find a pair of size 4 baby shoes.  So, I just sent my mom a wish list of some shoes for Zekey.  Thanks Mom.

In other boy news, the following conversation took place at dinner tonight: (sorry there won’t be correct spanish punctuation.)
Elijah: Como estas?
Malachi;  Bien. Gracias, y usted?
Elijah: Bien. 

Then they continued their spanish bonanza with singing kid’s songs.  It was crazy cute.  When they didn’t know some of the words they would simply sing la, la, la to the beat!!!! 

My boys in pictures.

The little munchkin last week:

The little contagious munchkin tonight……..

Malachi and Elijah were having a blast playing together tonight.

Dirty little feet!!!!!!

Papa joined in on the fun.


4 thoughts on “Home again, home again…..”

  1. Those happy playing boys are so adorable.  Their smiles are brilliant.  Even sick little Zekey has a beautiful smile.  I’m so sorry about the tonsilitis.  I hope the antibiotics work quickly.

  2. I think the dirty feet picture is so cute.  Who needs shoes?     How crazy that Zeke is in Size 4’s already!  He’s growing so fast!  I hope the tonsillitis is short lived in your home.  

  3. Sorry for the sickness, but glad you got to spend some time home with Zeke and hopefully you’ll get to rest too.  Zeke is getting so big–all of your boys look adorable in the pictures, they all look so happy!!!=)

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