11 month old Zekey

I’m not ready for him to turn a year, can he just stay a baby a little longer!!!

Zekey’s caretakers at school call him “Eze”, pronounced “Ese”.  That may just end up being a nickname for life, but I still prefer Zekey.  One of his favorite activities is to climb on the couch and walk from one end to the other.  He also loves his brother’s beds.  He walks and falls and rolls all around.  He’s hilarious.  He loves squirming during diaper changes, it’s a game that I don’t like playing.  He likes picking up cars and driving them on the table or whatever, he makes car noises too.  That is very adorable.  I have officially nursed him longer than my other two boys.  I quit with them at 10 months, my milk wasn’t really there anymore and they didn’t mind when I stopped.  The weening is in process, but he still doesn’t sleep consistently through the night.  I think we’ll be able to get rid of the bottle soon.  He’s been drinking from sippy cups at home, but I haven’t sent a sippy with formula to school.  I think I’ll try it next week, if it goes well…..bye bye bottles.

We got him a stuffed alligator a few weeks ago.  When we brought it home and handed it to him, he called it, “Bubba.”  He’s been “Bubba” ever since.  He loves it and carries it around the house, along with his blankie.   I love snuggly blankies and stuffed animals. 

Blankie and Bubba.

sleeping snuggles with Bubba

He’s all squished into the corner of the pack n play.

I thought I’d share some sleeping pictures of the other two too. 

All snuggling with their lovies and watching Bob the Builder.  He sometimes cures the crankies.

I apologize for not blogging much.  It’s been an exhausting week….I’ve been struggling a lot emotionally.  I’m not going to explain it all, but I’m really longing to stay home and take care of my kids. Tough stuff……this is what I thought I would probably stuggle with the most. 

Here’s some pictures from last weekend when Em hung out with us when the E’s had a date. (We have ours tomorrow….I’m really looking forward to it.)

This has been a fun way to get my kid’s to eat more veggies.  I make faces with a lot of their food.  But in this instance, my boy’s didn’t eat the avocado…Em did. 


6 thoughts on “11 month old Zekey”

  1. I cannot believe he is almost 1! Wow. He is so cute…I love squished into a corner sleeping pictures. How do they stay asleep like that and not wake up aching? 🙂 I am sorry it has been so emotional. I can only imagine. There is a lot going on for you…I am grateful that we didn’t have kids when going through all the transitions, trainings, etc. going overseas. It must be so hard to have to care for the physical, emotional, spiritual, etc. needs of three other people in addition to yours and Brian’s right now.  You are doing great. Your boys are blessed to have you as their mother! Oh, and I love the sandwiches…great job!

  2. This year has flown by–I can’t believe Zekey is going to be 1 either!!  That top picture of him and Bubba is adorable–I love it!   I’ll be praying for you with the weaning process–it’s great that he’s taking a sippy at home, hopefully that means he’ll transition well to it at school too.   I just prayed for you and will keep praying for you my friend.  You’re on my heart so much and you are such a wonderful mom.   It’s evident in all you do…right down to those awesome sandwiches, such a great idea…I think I’m going to have to borrow that one.  Love you!!

  3. What super cute sleeping boys.  I can’t believe Zeke is almost one.  When did that happen?  I’m so sorry for how hard it is to not have the time with them that your heart wants.  I’m really praying, especially now with weaning Zeke.  The face sandwiches are so cute.  What a great idea.  You are such a good mom.

  4. You are so creative!  I want to make a sandwich face now.  I can’t imagine how hard it is to leave the kids.  I’m sorry.  I’m sure it makes your time with them all the more precious.  Just curious, do you pronounce Chi like the drink “chai” or like “chee”?  I really was just wondering.  Hope you had a great date!

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