Potties and Stitches

It’s only one in the afternoon and we’ve already had a full day.    Saturday mornings are not as laid back as I’d prefer, but I’m always happy to have a day off with my family.  This morning started like most Saturdays, get up around 7am(so excited to sleep in).  I make breakfast, this morning it was pancakes.  The kids play and run around in pjs.  I take a shower and we all get dressed and head out to the feria sometime after 9am.  Last week Brian started playing basketball at a court in the park of the feria.  There’s also a track, soccer fields and a playground.  So I got the veggies and fruits and then let the kids play on the playground.  We caught glimpses of Brian playing ball and left.  We walked with Rich and Jil to the corner of their street and then we walked the rest of the way home.  Today is the big day…..Bob the Builder and Lightning McQueen underwear ready, Toy Story Pull-Ups out, disenfectant wipes out, stickers out and gummies out.  The boys helped me carry the food upstairs.  Elijah was stripped down to just wearing underwear.  He sat on the potty several times.  He pooped a little on the potty!!  He also peed in three pairs of underwear and pooped in another pair.  I’m so excited….1. We have tiled floor  2.  I don’t mind cleaning it up 3. He’s already done at least something in the potty

So, Brian came back home and announces he needs to go to the ER for stitches.  He got an elbow in the eyelid/brow area….it isn’t the first time.  I called J & R and asked Rich to go with him.  They were supposed to have their date this afternoon…..I was thinking this hospital thing would take hours and hours.  I called the school’s doctor….left a beeper message after calling all of his other numbers and getting nothing.  Well, I did get a lady who spoke Spanish, I was rattled and couldn’t think of how to tell her my husband had already left to go to the hospital and for Dr Longworth to meet him in the ER.  SO I finally got a person who spoke some English and would have the docs people beep him.  And so he called me about 45 minutes after Brian left. He was at the hospital and said he’d go see him in the ER.  I was later thinking, at least this wasn’t life threatening and even if Brian and Rich don’t run into people who speak English—-what Brian needed was pretty obvious.  He got home about an hour and a half after he left…….that would never happen in the states.  He has four stitches and has to go back on Thursday to get them out—and Dr. L stopped in after he was all stitched up. Brian said the hospital was really nice….it’s a private hospital called Clinica Biblica. 

What a morning!  Just thought I’d add some more thoughts about the
potty training. There were some not so calm moments, like Elijah peeing
and pooping in his underwear when I was feeding Zeke to lay him down
for a nap.  There was a pee trail from the family room into the
kitchen.  It stayed there for about a half hour……it didn’t get
cleaned up until I cleaned up the little guy who caused it and got him
and his brother into bed for naps( so the pee wouldn’t be tracked
anywhere else).  Brian came home in the middle of all that….with pee
all over the floor.  Not exactly a home coming when you just need to
lie down.  But….we are all relaxed now….and three of the smaller
members are all napping.  And Em is going to join us after she wakes up
from her nap….I’m so glad the E’s still get their date! 

Here’s my little guy…..with his farmer’s tan!

This picture is reminding me to go move that rug….


8 thoughts on “Potties and Stitches”

  1. What a day! Whew! Poor Brian but yay for the short time in the ER. Congrats on figuring all of that out too that alone would have caused me tons of stress. Elijah looks so much older now in his big boy underwear. We’re praying for you and success this week. Hope you enjoy your break. Is there a good night to call this week?

  2. Wow, what a day.  You do sound so positive in the midst of it all–that is great!!  Yay for Elijah pooping on the potty! and for tile floors.  Where did you get Bob the Builder underwear?  I haven’t found those and I bet Ethan would love those…so glad you get a break this week!!

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