Conversations with Elijah…..

Setting:  Elijah’s closet
Jil was playing knock knock with Em and Elijah.  They would answer the door and ask who’s there.  Jil would pretend to be someone different each time. 
She switched it up in this instance….
Jil:  (knocks on the wall)
The two answer
Jil: (to Elijah) Who’s that little girl in your house?
Elijah: ticogringo
Jil: What’s your name?
Elijah: Don
(Jil and Tara laughing hysterically—-wondering if we heard what we thought we’d heard)
Tara: (to Elijah) What’s the little girl’s name again?
Elijah: ticogringo

So, maybe this was much funnier in person.  Tico is the name for Costa Ricans….Gringo is what Ticos call white people.  Elijah has heard those two words somewhere….I’m guessing at school. They are not at all derogatory, just funny that he used them.  Don is a word used for an old man…’s a term of respect and endearment.  Funny boy.

In other Elijah news….
Potty Scores:  5 hits  (4 of which were pee-pee’s and 1 poopie.)
                       3 misses
I’d say it’s going really well!!

I took this shot yesterday afternoon…..

Yes, Zeke is very big, almost as tall as Em and his feet are almost the same size as Em…..but I think that is because of………this…….

Within this year, I’m sure Zeke will be taller than Em.  I don’t think Em even notices!

Jil bravely ordered pizza for us last night.  She called Papa John’s and spoke to someone who spoke English.  (For those who may not know–listening to another language on the phone is super-duper difficult.)  We really don’t try to avoid to use Spanish, but over the phone is just extremely difficult. This was the first time we’ve ordered pizza over the phone.  So, the question then was whether or not they would find our apartment (because of the crazy addresses used here, no street addresses and road names—just landmarks and how many meters you are away from them)  And whether or not we really ordered three medium pizzas with a 2 liter!    Surprisingly the guy made it here….and within like a half hour…..and the order was perfect. 

The kid’s didn’t want their pizza cut up last night. They all ate whole pieces and also two pieces each!!!!  

Today has been very relaxed.  We’ll be stuck inside most of the week because of potty training.  We’ll venture outside to our yard, but I don’t know that we’ll really go anywhere.  I”m sure I’ll get some cabin fever sometime by Tuesday or Wednesday!
This morning we got the train set out.  It’s such a fun thing to have—and even more wonderful because it was passed onto us!

I think it is so adorable how the boy’s play house.  Their monkey and bunny are their babies.  They wrap the babies with their blankets and make beds for them.  Sometimes the babies’ bed is Zeke’s pack-n-play, sometimes it’s a pillow on the floor or today it was a pack of diapers.  ( Usually the diaper packs are their ladders.)  Malachi is always the Mama and Elijah is always the Papa.  Seriously…..

Elijah is lying on the diaper packs with his baby.  (Hopefully we won’t be needing all those diaper packs soon.)

And lastly, I was trying to have a “Senior Picture Take 2” of Brian, but he wasn’t up for it.  So here’s his lovely eyeshadow today.

11 thoughts on “Conversations with Elijah…..”

  1. 1. ticogringo…that’s awesome!2, I still hate talking on the phone.  That was always the kid’s job!3. Jil, your Spanish must be really good. You actually got what you ordered AND you used excellent Spanish in this very post! “We really don’t try to avoid to use Spanish”. EXCELLENT Spanish grammar. 

  2. Yay! Your potty training is going so well! I need some serious pointers for my Libby!  : )  I love all the stories about your boys and their conversations.  Those are priceless.  

  3. Ha ha! Pizza ordering is a huge challenge in another country/language! It is so interesting to see what you end up with! Wow, I can’t believe your last few days. Wild! Hope Brian’s eye feels okay, despite the look. I’m also glad to see your boys playing with babies and such even without the older sister influence. I’m glad that’s normal for both girls and boys 🙂

  4. Sounds like Elijah is doing great on the potty–that’s awesome, hope it keeps up!!    Our kids just started wanting to eat whole pieces of pizza too, I love it, it’s so much easier!!!

  5. GREAT POST! I cannot get over Zeke’s size compared to Em then to see the picture of Jil next to Brian that was great! I like the comment from 3 wigs she does translate taller in real life:)
    Two slices each! wow!! and eating it like a pro too. My nephews are amazing, simply amazing little guys!
    Hooray for hits with the potty. Keep up the good work Lijah! (you too Tara!!!)

  6. Ticogringo is hilarious.  This post was so full and wonderful that I don’t know where to start.  Let’s see…I love the pictures of your kids.  It just makes me SO EXCITED to see them very soon myself.  I can’t believe how huge Zeke is, but the comparison with Brian and Jil is hilarious.  Hooray for potty training success!  I hope you have a wonderful and relaxing spring break.

  7. Jessi is right, as usual.  That picture is so funny…I keep laughing.  Hope your week as a family is going really, really well.  I’m so happy you all have some time off.

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