Night Owl

I’m a night owl.  I love staying up late.  I like the night time and the quietness of the house.  I remember loving summer break as a teenager.  I loved staying up late in my house and watching tv or movies, or reading a book in my room on my bed.  I loved the quiet, tranquil house.  I think my subconcsious is crying out…….

These would be the two tshirts I bought a few weeks ago.  They both have owls on them.  I’ve never owned any tshirts with owls on them.  I totally dislike our schedule….getting up at 5:20 and going to bed at 9:30 so exhausted.  I miss those lazy dazy nights.  Our week off has allowed me to have some of those nights.  I’ve been able to stay up late a few nights and complete some scrapbook pages.  It’s been so so incredible…even invigorating, until it caught up with me.  The kids continued to wake up at the crack of dawn….anywhere between 5am and 6am.  So the last two nights haven’t been as invigorating, I had to go to bed early.  Sigh……

There’s a carrot cake cooking in my oven right now.  I love, love carrot cake…..not just any carrot cake.  This recipe I have is soooooo delicious.  I got it from Patty, the lady I worked with at the Physical Plant the first year I was married.  I don’t recall making the recipe until I had kid’s and was on WIC.  I received tons of carrots from it and I never knew what to do with them all.  I dug up that recipe in my recipe box(the recipe is on the back of a Grace College Key Request Card)  and there began my obsession with this cake.    I’m so excited to dig into this tomorrow.  There is a problem, I don’t have a mixer or a food processor.  So the carrots are not finely grated and I have no idea how the cream cheese frosting will come out without the mixer!  We’ll just see. 

In other news….Elijah’s potty training is going much, much easier than Malachi’s.  He still has accidents everyday, but overall he goes consistently.  Especially at bedtime, it’s his new stalling technique. 

This next section should almost be a new blog entry….if it were it would be titled:  “Costa Rican Oddities and Things I Just Can’t Get Used to.”

1.  There’s an English Speaking Seventh Day Adventist Church right next door to us.  Every Saturday morning I hear hymns and 80’s CCM music sung….like “Thank You For Giving to The Lord.”  It’s one of those things I just can’t get used to.  The people who I see enter are black people….who do speak Spanish.  I wonder how many of them speak English or understand English.  I wonder if they are of a Caribean descent?  Anyway,  it’s just odd sometimes.  Although there are times…like this morning I sung a long with the hymn “He Lives.”
2.  I bought some clothes for Zeke today at Pequeno Mundo.  It’s a hodge podge store….never know what you’re going to find there(You can find Gap, Old Navy, Banana Republic and Target clothes there.)  I walked there(it’s a hike) with Chi and Zeke today. Brian took Lijah to a birthday party.  We found some much needed 12 month pants for Zeke.  It’s a great place to buy clothes because they are very inexpensive…..most clothes here are expensive.  So I was excited to find what this little guy needed…..but….check this out…..

These are all normal….the shorts are even Circo brand from Target. 

Then there’s these…..they look find and dandy from afar.  But look a little closer for a chuckle…..

This is the flower snap on these boy’s jeans. 

And this pj set can’t get it’s brand name correct….Minino, minina, and Old Navy.  I don’t care, they were $2 and will actually fit Zeke. 

3. My walk today included the stroller…do you all remember our stroller.  The chariot cougar 2.
I was stared at constantly today.  I walked through a park, which was absolutely packed today and all eyes were on me.  I’m thankful for people who talk to me and comment on how cute my kids are, I’m not so thankful for the little Spanish chitter chatter I’d hear as I’d walk by. I could never be famous, I’d hate it.  I hate attention on me like that, I like being discreet.  (When I taught 7th grade, Kadeem, one of my students, was so surprised when I told him I’d never want to be famous.  In his 13 year old mind fame was the end all…..sorry for the random side note.)  I really wish I could be more discreet in that thing, it has been greatly beneficial.  It can take on any sidewalk here in CR, they are treacherous.

4.  Every holiday celebrated in CR isn’t complete without lots of boomcracks(that’s Malachi and Elijah’s word for firecrackers.)  I guess the Eve of Easter is deserving of a few.  

Edit:  Those boom cracks woke all of my kids up last night… was  rather humorous.  Elijah said,”Those are scaring me.”  I took him on the porch to see them and they stopped, no more to be seen.  He cried more saying, “I wanted to see the colors of the boomcracks.”

 I forgot to add this last night.
5. Kapucci, CR’s version of a Frappacino.  It’s yummy for not having the other one around. This is what it looks like….

Look closely at the bottom, put your Spanish to good use.  What does that say down there?    Translation:  “Breastmilk is the best food for nursing.”


7 thoughts on “Night Owl”

  1. LOL…funny, Jessi.  People give their kids the craziest things. Cute owl shirts.  I don’t think I knew you were such a night person.  I’m sorry for all those early mornings.  Just the numbers 5:20 make me cringe.  This was a great post…so many things.  The carrot cake sounds delicious.  I love carrot cake.  And that church creeps me out just hearing about it.  I’m very glad to hear that potty training is going well.  Good work, Elijah!

  2. Mmmm…your carrot cake…I remember eating that alot, it sounds really good right now!  Funny about the flower button=)  I’ve done that a few times with the boys clothes too.  But so glad you found some good deals on clothes for Zeke.  Your owl shirts are very cute and very appropriate for you.  Praying for you all as you adjust back to school this week–keep up the good work Elijah!

  3. So many things to comment on! Thanks for sharing all those thoughts. I love seeing things that are so different in other cultures. Thanks for showing the interesting clothes…I remember being so excited when I would see any brand I recognized overseas…even if it wasn’t really the brand! πŸ™‚

  4. I love the owl shirts; sorry that you don’t get to stay up late.  I’m with you on a quiet, peaceful house.  The clothes are really funny, and so is that frapaccino thing.  Thanks for the post, and thanks for the potty training email.  Really, really helpful!!

  5. Hey Tara–You always have the most interesting posts.  I love hearing your stories of adapting to another culture with your kids.  I’m in awe of what you’re doing.  I’m just going to leave you a message, because I have a question about where we’ll be in Philly.

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