5 thoughts on “My Baby is One!”

  1. Wow.  I can’t believe he’s one already!  Time flies.  I wanted to comment back to you on Blogger, but it wouldn’t let me on your site.  We’re living in Fairborn for now (that’s the north eastern side of Dayton) but we’re still trying to decide where to buy once our house in VA sells.  Pete’s working for DewTec, they make medical devices–sort of similar to a DePuy, but smaller, more specialized.  The one room situation is getting better little by little.  I think in the end they probably won’t want their own rooms again, it’s just getting there!  I’ve been reading all about your adventures down there, I haven’t commented much because we had dial-up and there’s just so much that had been going on–I didn’t have much time to be online.  But I have been praying for you.  I can’t imagine language school, a new country and three little ones!  Yikes.  You’ll have to let me know the next time you’re going to be in Dayton.  (which I’m sure won’t be anytime soon!)

  2. Happy Birthday Zeke!!  I can’t believe he’s one already…wow!!  Those pictures were absolutely adorable.  Hope it’s been a fun day of celebrating!!  =)

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