Our Little Dino

My mom sent the cute dinosaur outfit Zeke is wearing today.  She sent birthday presents for Zeke and Malachi via Jil’s mom…….so wonderful!

I decided he needed a dinosaur cake to go with that cute outfit.  This is inspired by Nat….remember the drawing for Em?  Thanks Nat!

We had the E’s over and ate some dinner.  We called Brian’s dad and stepmom and they were able to join us through Skype to sing to Zeke. It’s so amazing to be connected that way.

Zekey wasn’t interested in eating the cake.  I gave him a bite of ice cream and he shivered.  We had to force a bite of the cake, but once he got a taste he chowed down.

Grammy and Grandaddy, he loved the dinosaur and Dr. Seuss guy.  So did Chi and Lijah…..

His latest trick, climbing the table and the toy box to turn the light off and on.  He can also climb into the closet….hmmm, I don’t feel like taking the time to explain it.  But it’s quite the big climb for him.  He’s also fallen out of the closet, not so fun. That big scab on his forehead is from a fall at school this week….I think he was bending down to look through his legs and misjudged the distance.  He had a big bump too. 

My little guy now has11 teeth.  Three he’s gotten this week and one more is breaking through.  He is deteremined, very determined.  He has a great smile and a very loud cry.  (Both are also characteristics of Elijah.)  He has such a great sense of humor, he laughs all the time when we do silly things.  He understands all the silly stuff.  He’s really into books right now, he’ll plop down and just start flipping through.  He loves destroying things, so we have to keep the paper books up and many other things!  He’s drinking whole milk and still nursing three times a day.  He still wakes up in the early morning one to two days a week.  I really hope he quits soon, well I say that, but I think I will be really sad to stop nursing him.  I never had that with the other two.  But I’m really feeling sentimental about it with him….maybe because he could be my last baby.  I’m thankful for this little guy, I think I have a lifetime of him keeping me on my toes. 


4 thoughts on “Our Little Dino”

  1. First things first, Zeke is such a handsome little guy!  He’s looking so grown up with that haircut…and so BOY with that scab on his forehead.  I can’t believe how much he’s been changing.  Second, that dino cake is spectacular.  So, so cute.  And something tells me that you won’t ever have to force a bite of cake on Zeke again.    He looks pretty happy.  And last, with every picture that I see, I just keep thinking, “I can’t wait to see you guys!”  Only a few more days…

  2. Oh my goodness, 1 year old. I remember visiting him in the hospital. He is so adorable and so uniquely Zeke. I love the pictures thank you for posting them. I’m sad I wasn’t available to sing to him but we were thinking about him none the less. Michelle, Krisitn and I were looking at pictures of Zeke last night when we sent the IM to wish him Happy B-day.  We love you Zeke!!

  3. Looked like a great party!.  Zeke looks adorable in his dino outfit and you did a great job on the cake…so cute!   Sounds like Zeke is quite the little climber…I think Elisha falls way more than Elli and Ethan did…maybe it’s something with the third child.   And I definitely have felt more sentimental with Elisha too, I think for the same reasons you are.

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