A Snipet

Here’s a snipet of some things that have been happening with the boys.

A few nights ago, Elijah had been in bed for about 10 minutes.  He comes out of his room and walks right to me on the couch and says, “Mama, what’s tomatoe in Spanish?” 

Zeke is saying hi, hola, this, up and bye and of course Ma.  It is so adorable.  He hands things to his big brothers and says, ‘this, this.”

Malachi and Elijah peed at the same time in the potty yesterday.  No more fighting over who gets to go first!

Elijah has suddenly become a little boy, no more toddler.  (Okay, not exactly—-he’s still whining and scream crying.) But, he cracks me up.  Whenever he recalls something that happened at school he uses sentences and sound effects.  He is always using sound effects…..maybe it’s because he doesn’t always have the vocab to tell what he’s thinking.  It seriously makes me laugh out loud. He is always using different voices too. 

The other day there was a huge, huge storm.  I don’t think I’ve ever heard thunder this loud before.  We were walking home and had just reached our place when it began.  All three boys were so frightened.  I just missed a picture with all three covering their ears…but this gives you the idea.

Rainy season has just begun.  It’s warm in the morning and rains and
cools off in the afternoon.  It rains hard too. Most places here have
metal roofs….so the rain is loud against the roof.  It’s actually
sort of difficult to hear each other talking.  The rain seems to lull
Malachi  to sleep, he has taken two naps this week(he maybe takes one a
week now, but has a rest time).  Today the rain started after he was
aloud to get out of bed. 

This was just completed a few blocks away from us….just in time for
rainy season.  We’re still excited to have a new little playground so
close.  And it’s wooden…..not metal!

Just a comparison….here’s our yard.  It’s fun too, but so nice to get out and do something different.

For Zeke’s birthday, Brian got out
the video camera the minute we were going to sing to Zeke.  As he was
checking to see if there was a tape inside, he couldn’t open the
cassette holder.  It was jammed, that only meant one thing, Our Napless Malachi  Brian asked him the next day if he had played with it
during nap time.  He admitted to his fun.  So, we no longer have a
video camera.  (I guess we are at fault too, to leave it in a place for
little fingers to touch it.)

(This is for you Jil) Tonight Brian found a bug next to
the computer desk.  He asked who
wanted to pick it up.  Malachi said not me.  Elijah walked right over
and picked up the big bug and put it in a container.  They talked about
what they wanted to do with it.  They decided to dump it out on the
floor again.  Brian was trying to convince Chi to pick it up.  Elijah
picked it up again.  Zeke walked over and big brother Chi shielded Zeke
from picking up the bug.  We assured him we’d keep Zeke from putting
the bug in his mouth.  Zeke picked it up and held on for awhile.  He
dropped him. Then, Chi did touch him, but he shuddered and shivered.  I
was really wishing I had that video camera. 


Our language
school has a big brother/sister program…..we had one who found a place
for us to live.  Our semester is ending at the end of the month and new
students are coming for the next trimester.  We are a big
brother/sister now.  We’ve been trying to find a place for this family
to live.  Brian has bravely made phone calls to find houses and
apartments for rent.  (First remember how difficult it is to hear
another language on the phone.  Second, remember how crazy directions
are here.)  We got directions from English speaking students to see
their house. They are leaving at the end of the trimester.  Our whole
family went out to see it last night.  We couldn’t find it….my
thoughts started wandering.  If we can’t find a place when given
directions in person in English, how will we ever find a place when
given directions over the phone in Spanish?  Brian did get to that
place after a phone call to the English speaking renters.  Tomorrow
he’s seeing another place, he received the directions in Spanish over
the phone.  He’s so brave. 


5 thoughts on “A Snipet”

  1. The story about the bug is hilarious.  You guys have such a fun boy family.  We have ants in our house right now, and Ellie cries every time she sees one.  The new playground looks fun.  I hope you get to enjoy it even with all the rain.  That is a classic picture of all the boys covering their ears.  That must have been some scary thunder.  Hey, guess what?  I’m going to see you tomorrow!

  2. How funny.  Elijah is SO curious!  Man, I would love to go to that park.  Maybe we should squeeze that in sometime soon 🙂  That picture of the boys covering their ears is so good.  I’ve never heard thunder like that.

  3. That bug story is hilarious–Malachi must have changed with bugs, I remember being over at your place and seeing a little leg hanging out of his mouth=)   Poor boys with the thunder–it really looked like it hurt their ears.  That playground looks great, it’s so nice to have other options of places to go–hope you get lots of playtime there!!   Sorry about your camera, that is a bummer!

  4. These sweet pictures and stories are awesome! I love the picture of the boys and the bug story is so cool. What brave boys you have 🙂 Great playground…great to have it for when you have a chance to be outside!

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