Hey Friends,

Would you all pray for me today.  I broke my tooth last night.  The whole story will follow later today.  I have a phone number and location of an English speaking dentist.  Brian and I are going to drop the kid’s off at school and then go to the dentist and wait until they open since we don’t know when.  The tooth that broke is my tooth that has a porcelain veneer…..and half of it cracked off plus some of the stump of my real tooth.  I cried a lot about it last night.  I’m doing better this morning, it’s not a life and death issue.  It’s all just an inconvenience.  Deb flies in today too.  I hope to be back in time to go with Jil to pick her up from the airport.  Please pray for my tooth to get fixed. 


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  1. Oh no.    I’m sorry you have to deal with all of this!!   I’m glad you found an English speaking dentist at least.  I’m praying that they’ll be able to get you in today and have it good as new in no time.  I’m glad that Deb will be there for the next few days.  Hopefully she’ll help erase any memory of this.

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