The Tale of the Broken Tooth

Pictures are not included, mainly because I forgot to take one before we left this morning. 

This is how it goes:

Last night around 9pm I was on the computer.  Elijah was still awake in his bedroom, I had just given his last warning of coming out of the bedroom.  He had already been in the bathroom twice and out to see us three times.  I heard a door close, Brian was on the couch and could see the bathroom.  I asked him if Elijah went into the bathroom.  He said no.  I got up thinking he could only have closed the bathroom door.  I look at the bathroom, the door was open.  Chi and Lijah’s room is directly across from the bathroom and I turn around in the dark hallway and full force walk into the closed door.  Yeah, he closed his bedroom door.  I’m mad at myself for not even thinking he could have closed it.  My face pancaked against the door and I immediately felt a piece of my tooth missing.  This time it wasn’t just the porcelain veneer that had popped off, a jacked diagonal piece was missing. 

Brian didn’t understand what happened, I was yelling my tooth, my tooth.  He thought I was gonna faint and he thought Elijah slammed the door in my face.  Our hallway light isn’t working(along with half the other lights in this place) and I told him to get the flashlight.  I was not calm through all this I was freaking out.  Brian found the missing part and then the phone rang.  I answered only thinking it would be Rich or Jil, but it was a lady who works at the school who’s lived here for years.  It was a God moment, I asked her for the name of an English speaking dentist and she gave me a name, a phone number, and a location.  I got off the phone and seriously couldn’t stop crying.  It was a mixture of anger at myself for not recognizing the slam was the bedroom door(I’m usually very aware of those sounds and noises in any house and where my kids are.).   I was angry that I was so vain to even get a porcelain veneer…’s supposed to be basically permanent.  I was glad to have a number for a dentist, but worried about whether I could even get it fixed.  Doing all that in another country….really it is just so very stressful.  All my crying was very cleansing, on a number of different levels.  I’m thankful we are here learning spanish, but it truly is difficult to be in another country.  There is always an undercurrent of stressfulness and the different stresses we’ve been having the last few weeks all came out in that crying.  Seriously, I haven’t cried like that in awhile….okay not too long ago.  Getting here was really stressful too and I had some moments in the fall that were full of tears.

 Anyway, back to the story…….so I was able to stick the piece back on.  I took it off to sleep and thank God I’ve been using a nightguard because of clenching my teeth at night(one of my stress indicators).  I was able to wear the nightguard and not fall asleep feeling a jacked tooth.  I was also fearful of any nerves being exposed and feeling the cool air while breathing.  I was able to sleep.  I woke up with a sore neck and sore nose.  Brian says  I must have had whiplash!  Can you imagine, from a door!  My nose is a little swollen and red.  Crazy, crazy.

We dropped the kids off at school and then took the bus to the dental office.  It didn’t open until 9am so we sat in a cafe right below the second floor office.  It opened, I walked in and told the lady I have an emergency and I don’t have an appointment(this was in Spanish).  She asked if this was my first visit and I got right in.  Seriously……that easy.  The office was extremely nice, Dr. Lachner spoke great English, I saw on the wall he did dentistry school in U of North Carolina in the states.   He  decided to try and glue my missing piece back on.  He didn’t even charge me, he seemed to think if it didn’t work I’d be back in within the next week.  So, the only thing I could do that would be forever permanent is too just get a cap, which means getting rid of my tooth and getting a root canal.  I made an appointment for the following week to get a cavity refilled.  Before we came we heard about how great the dentistry is down here, inexpensive and great quality.  We will be taken advantage of that.  We got back to school at 10:15am.  Thank you all for praying.  If it
does break off again, at least I know who I can go to. 

That’s the crazy story of my front tooth.  Sigh……

Thank you for praying for me. Thank you.

Jil and I will be leaving soon to go get Deb.  Yippee!


4 thoughts on “The Tale of the Broken Tooth”

  1. Sounds like a really great dentist!  So glad everything went so smoothly and you were able to get right in.  It’s awesome to hear how God worked everything together…hope you all have a really fun time together!

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