I Have a Four Year Old

First of all…..we’ve been having a great time with Deb.  It’s been so great to see her.  I ordered these jackets and boots online and Deb brought them down for us.  The boys are crazy about them.  They broke them in on Friday afternoon.

A happy brother moment this morning.  Zeke climbed up and sat on Chi’s lap.

We had a girl’s night last night.  The girls spent the night at my
place and Brian spent the night at Rich’s. It was great to stay up and
chat.  This morning we started preparing for the party….or I should
say Deb and Jil started.  I went with Rich and Brian to look at a house
that’s available to be rented.  We were looking at this four bedroom
and 2 bath place for us…..it would be great to have a room to use for
the computer and to study.  Rich was looking for his little brother
family that will be coming in a few weeks.  While we were gone, Jil and
Deb made the salsa, cut up the fruit and cheese and made the black bean
and corn salad.  It was amazingly helpful.  It totally cut out my
stress.  We ate lunch, empanadas and granadillas (monkey snot).  The
E’s and Deb left to get showers and take a short nap.  I got the cake
frosted and cleaned up our place.  Brian cleaned up outside and
decorated.  Malachi wanted a lion cake.  We invited his two good
friends from school, Caleb and Evan and their families.  Caleb and his
brothers are almost exactly the same age as our three boys.  Evan has
an older brother and a baby sister.  Of course Em was there.  Our
neighbors Brit and Sherrie came too…..our kids love going downstairs
and ringing their doorbell and talking to them.  They are so very sweet
to them.  So Em (besides the baby) was the only girl.  In the pictures
you’ll notice all these kids who resemble each other, there are three sets of boys that could pass as fraternal twins. 

Here’s the invitation. 

The pinata. 

The cake…..it didn’t turn out quite as I wanted.  It  formed a huge crack at the lion’s eye and nose.  I wanted to color coconut and use it on the mane….couldn’t find it.  I also couldn’t find any kind of stick brown or black candy for whiskers.  I was disappointed.

About 3:30 people started coming to his party.  This is Chi, Evan and Caleb.  The little three musketeers. At school they play superheroes all the time.  They switch off between Batman, Supeman and Spiderman. 

Pinata time. 

We went through all the kid’s twice, Brian busted it on the grass.  These kid’s didn’t knock each other over or fight, they were all very kind to each other.  There was a ton of candy to choose from.  Tons. 

Safari Hunt.  The adults hid little plastic animals all over the yard and the kids had to find them all.  Whoever got the most won a little prize.  Okay,  I didn’t plan on there being a tie….so Jil dumped some of Em’s findings around one of the Palm Trees.  Connor ended up winning.  At least that’s what we told all the kids……they didn’t figure out he was actually short one little animal. 

We ate some dinner and then opened presents.  He got some really fun stuff.

We got Chi a bike.  I think Elijah was more excited than Chi.  Maybe tomorrow he’ll be more into it. 

Deb really is here…..I need to take some more pictures of her!

After the party, Jil and Deb cleaned up everything upstairs. I have some great friends.  It was a great party, very fun and not stressful at all.  Thanks girls for doing so much. 

The after-party party.  Don’t Zeke and Em look related here.

Em requested Veggie Tales.  She’s never been interested in them before.  She was dancing around to God is Bigger.  (I tried several times to change the direction of this picture, after four attempts it still didn’t change….).

I have a four year old.  It’s sort of weird, but next year will be even more weird…..five, that means school.


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6 thoughts on “I Have a Four Year Old”

  1. I love the lion theme – the invitations, the pinata, the cake…so great!  You guys really pulled off a wonderful party for your little guy.  I enjoyed seeing what a boy party is like…since all we have around here is girly ones : ) 

  2. Tara, the party looks like so much fun and I think the cake was very cute, and most definitely a lion.  Thanks for sharing so much.  I feel like I’m getting to know you and your family.   I’m thankful Rich, Jil, and Em have such good friends with them in Costa Rica.

  3. A four year old.  That’s pretty cool.  Congratulations.    The party looks like SO much fun.  I love the lion theme.  And the cake looks adorable.  I bet it was delicious, too.  Mmm.  I could use some cake.  

  4. Happy Birthday Malachi!  I’m so glad he had such a fun day…you really did a great job with everything–the cake, invitations, pinata–it all looked really good–I’m not lion=)   It’s so great that Deb and Jil were able to help out like that, how wonderful!   So glad you all are having such a great time together!

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