I’m been wanting to blog all week, I have a lot to blog about… here’s my book.

The last week or two in review:   I mentioned a four bedroom house we looked at a few weeks ago.  We were planning to rent it, it was perfect for our family.  A great back yard and patio and balcony….all places to play in, we told the lady from the mission(it was a mission house for the four square church) that we wanted to rent it.  She emailed us back the next day to say it wasn’t going to be rented out now.  Brian was seriously depressed about it for days.  One of our biggest stresses has been the lack of a study room in our apartment.  It had been extremely difficult for Brian to accomplish much of anything (calling pastors, working on a new website or anything that required concentration and the computer) with the computer in the family room. Since the house fell through, we moved the computer back to the our bedroom.  We had to do some rewiring of the internet connection, but it’s been a much better situation.  Malachi is now napping(I should say resting) on the couch on our little outside porch.  He loves it, and it has a door to close so I can have a little privacy to blog or study or take a nap on the couch in the family room.  We looked at some other places, but they weren’t suitable for us.  So we’ll be staying here.

Today was our last day of our first trimester!  I’ve learned a lot, I have soooo much more to learn.  I can understand a lot of what people say, getting it out of my mouth is a whole other story.  I guess I should say, I can understand Ticos when they speak slowly…..but once we are out and about I often have to ask people to repeat what they said.  Poco a poco!

Our next big change, I am going to be staying home with my kid’s next semester.  I will go to school in the afternoon for an hour each day for one-on-one tutoring.  I’m excited to stay home with them and hopefully it will maintain a level of discipline they haven’t had for awhile.  Do you understand what I mean….you know how when you travel for holidays or vacation the consistency in disciplining your kids slips some?  We’ve been traveling since September and then they’ve been around other kids for five hours a day the last four months…..there are things they say and do that need to be unlearned….or rather I need to focus on teaching them God’s way and God’s words.   We hear “I’m not going to be your friend” all the time.  It burns me, it burned me as a teacher and now my 2 and 4 year old say that to each other!!!!  I know I can’t shield them from this type of thing, but I will have the time and energy to spend with them to show them a better way.  We were planning to still take them one day a week to Rayitos but we found out on Tuesday that they can only attend a minimum of 3 days a week.  I was really sad about this, they love school and their friends.  I love that they are around Spanish……so I will be making more of an effort to speak to them in Spanish, but it is really different and better for them to be around native speakers. I hope to visit parks and talk with moms, maybe we’ll meet some regulars and start up some friendships.  I’ve been starting to think of preschool like activities I can do with them. 

Brian also has a big change.  He will be doing the FARO program next semester.  He goes to school for Grammar classes, but his language classes will be out in the community.  He will have a route…..on his route will be people he visits to talk to and help him learn new topics.  He also needs a language helper, he asked our neighbor, Guillermo.  Guillermo speaks some English (which is helpful) and he’s a lawyer here.  He’s a very friendly guy. If we would have moved it would have been more difficult for them to get together.  Brian also has a teacher at the Institute who will monitor is learning.  This program is basically the kind of way the Mission Training International (in CO) suggested to learn language, Brian’s really excited about it.  He likes doing, not sitting in a classroom. 

Tomorrow is the Institute’s graduation and then our break begins.  We don’t start again until May 7th..  On Monday we are traveling to Guanacaste for a vacation with the Elledge’s.  Hooray…..oh we are so excited.  We haven’t had a vacation in a long time….about two and a half years.  We will be sharing a three bedroom house!!!!!  I’m really praying for a relaxing time for all of us.

In other great news, I’ve finally branched off to have some freedom.  Last Sunday, Zeke and I took a bus ride to Pequeno Mundo……that store I really like.  I found some cute shirts for myself.  I’m still spending my birthday money.  =)  Then Monday I took the Periferica (different than the other buses that go downtown), it does a loop around the city.  I took it to the dentist’s office.  I needed to get a tooth looked at.  It had a cavity that was filled in November, but it’s been hurting me ever since.  I thought possibly the other dentist didn’t get all the cavity out, it was a deep cavity.  So this dentist did some different things to figure out what was going on.  I won’t explain it all, but he eventually just took the whole filling out.  I was having too much pain so he thinks my nerve was irritated.  He packed some anti-inflammatory medicine in the hollowed out part.  I’ll have it there until we get back from vacation, and then he’ll refill it.  It’s supposed to do something to calm my nerve down.  After several days it is finally feeling better.  It would hurt the most when I’d chew.  So, I really hope this works.  Really really hope.  I’ve never had problems with my teeth……and I really don’t want to have problems the rest of  my life! 

In kid news……
On Sunday, Zeke climbed onto a chair to look out the window on our porch.  He yelled out Hola.(He sees his brothers do this all the time to the passerbyers.)  Then when we went to the store later that day, he kept saying hola to all the ladies at the store.  He was just laughing and having a great time.  He was such a little star, those ladies loved him.  On Monday his caregivers told me he says vamos.    I’ve been testing it out all week, I’ve heard him say it once. 

Malachi has mentioned to me twice this week how girls and boys get married, not girls to girls and boys to boys. I asked him where he heard that because I couldn’t take the credit.  He said he learned it from his friend at school.  This is the rest of the conversation yesterday….
me:  Who are you going to marry?
Chi: I’m going to marry you.
me:  I’m already married to Papa.  You have to marry another girl like Emerson or Ellie.
Chi:  I want to marry Deb.
me:  You can’t marry Deb, she’s married to Nate.  You have to marry someone your age.
Chi:   I’ll marry Ellie.   No, but I really want to marry you Mama.
me:  (big smile)

Elijah news:  He is going to miss school so much only because he loves his friend Brody.  They are like two peas in a pod and talk about each other constantly.  Every night at bedtime I hear about Elijah’s day with Brody.  He’s a cute little guy with curly hair. 

This is little Zekey doing is daily stretches. 

The many faces of Malachi:

The many faces of Elijah:

Yesterday I got my first haircut since we’ve been here.  I went with my friend Angela.  One of the ladies spoke a little English, but the next time we go in she won’t speak English.  So we asked how to say layers and mixed layers…….so here’s how it turned out. 



It was extremely uneven, my left side was longer than the right.  I decided not to have her trim my bangs….so I trimmed them last night.  This is without them trimmed.  I am so glad it is shorter, but I asked Jil if she thought she could do some more layers.  So, maybe next week it will look different. 

8 thoughts on “Changes”

  1. Wow! You guys HAVE had a big week…lots of decisions. I think it’s great that you will be able to stay home with the boys next semester.  Seems that is where your heart is at…making sure they get the guidance you and Brian desire..teaching them how Jesus would react to situations and in relationships. I love the new cut! Does your hair naturally flip up like that on the ends? Lucky you!  And you look so fit and tan…so beautiful, Tara!  Congrats on making it to the end of your first trimester there, by the way…

  2. It’s so good to hear from you, I’ve been wondering what’s happening with the Gorniks.   Sounds like really great decisions you guys are making–ones that will be really good for your family, I’m so excited for you guys!!   I know you’ll love that time with the boys (and so will they) and I’ll be praying you can make new friendships with other moms–that sounds like some great opportunites to use your Spanish too.  Brian’s class sounds like the perfect fit for him, I can totally see him loving that.   Hope you guys have a really, really great vacation, can’t wait to hear about it!   And, I think you’re hair looks great, I remember trimming your hair after a cut a few times….

  3. I should have explained that Sylvia styled it too.  The ladies here know how to style.  She flipped it out with blow drying it and curling it.  This is extremely tame…..It was huge.  I kept running my fingers through it throughout the day.  When I left the salon I could have been in a wedding or something.  So, no my hair doesn’t naturally flip out.  It’s all from heat. 

  4. Your hair does look great.  Those are beautiful boys.  I’m so glad you can be home with them more.  I”m with you on hating that phrase….I’ve only heard it from Audra after we’ve been with groups a lot, and it makes me sad, too.  I’m just so glad for the changes coming up for you.  We can also totally relate to it not working having the computer work space in the middle of the living space.  It really doesn’t work.  When we got that fixed, I couldn’t believe the stress relief; I knew it was bad, but didn’t know how bad it was until that stress was gone.  I hope you all have a totally wonderful vacation.  

  5. I hope you all have a completely relaxing, awesome vacation!  And I’m glad you get to stay home with the boys here soon–although, our kids still say that even when I’m the one “in charge”, but it’s like you have to put your kids through detox after they’ve been away from the “normal rules” of the home.  I think you should have included photos of your many faces, but your haircut does look fun and cute 🙂  And, that completely melted my heart about Malachi wanting to marry you.  How amazingly SWEET!

  6. Your hair looks great!  I can’t wait for you to teach me how to say “layers” in Spanish.  I never did learn that…  Those boys’ faces are classics.  That conversation with Chi totally cracked me up.  Um…remind me to talk to Ellie about how she doesn’t want to marry someone who would really just rather be married to his mother…

  7. Great to read how you are doing! Thanks for writing your “book” 🙂 Have a great vacation. I love all the expressions of your boys. Great pics!

  8. I love the pictures of the boys displaying their various faces.  They are just so cute.  What a crazy week for you guys.   Lots of decisions.  It seems like although everything was hard to figure out, there is a lot of peace now.  This second semester is really going to be great for you guys.  I can’t wait to hear more. 

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