Swinging has become Malachi’s favorite backyard activity.  He totally knows how to do it by himself now.  We’ve showed him several times, but his teacher Tatiana and his friend Caleb taught him at school.  He swung for like a half hour earlier today. 

Zeke got his first hair cut today.  He was very squirmy but I didn’t knick his ear.  I did that when I first cut Elijah’s hair at 9 months.  Chi’s first cut was at 3 months….that kid had a mullet.  Zeke was starting to be bothered by the whispies around his ears. 



The comb and food helped to keep him occupied. 

This morning Elijah woke up at 4:45 to go potty, I knew that meant he wouldn’t be falling back asleep.  This early rising thing has been more the norm.  On the weekends I’ve used discovery kids to give me an extra 45 min. to an hour of sleep.  Elijah looked at books until about 6am….then Malachi was awake too.  I then turned the tv on for them.  Zeke amazingly slept until 7am this morning….as did I.  Maybe just maybe…..my kid’s will start sleeping in again.  No more getting up to be at school at 7:25am.  

Elijah was snuggly (and cranky) all morning.

Our little brother family arrived on Friday.   It’s been fun to hang
out with them and hear their story.  If you don’t mind I’m going to
share it….because God is so amazing. About 7 months ago they were
kicked out of China.  They were with a team studying the language and
in the works of starting a business and making contacts to learn
another language for a Chinese people group of Muslims.  Because they
were close to Tibet and there was imminent danger of an uprising from
Tibet, all foreigners in their city were kicked out(including all of their team). They had worked on this project for five years before moving there and had taken all precautions, but now they are gone.  As they returned to the states and started to think of options,  they applied
to language school here in CR in the fall.  They were led to visit a
team of church planters in Spain with their mission…that was a month
ago.  They didn’t know for sure if the team would want them, but they
had already applied for language school just in case.  A month ago they
found out for sure they could work with this team in Spain and
specifically with Muslims.  (But they also found many Chinese people
too and will be able to use that language.)  Once we heard their story
a few days ago, we informed them that registration for this school had
been closed down because the school was at their max.  If they would
have applied any later than they did, they wouldn’t have been here.  On
top of all that, Mike(the guy) already knows Spanish.  He lived in
Argentina until he was 3 and then moved with his family to Spain until
high school.  He went to PBU around Philly.  We found out he was
friends with some teachers I worked with at my first teaching job at
GBC Christian School in Clinton.  Crazy, crazy.  So, DJ is the one
who’s here for school, Mike already knows Spanish and will be meeting
with some local pastors for some more language learning in regards to
God’s Word.  They have a little guy, Will, who’s 15 months.  Their
story is just amazing and much more detailed than that.  But just very
evident of God’s provision and faithfulness.  It’s been such an
encouragement to me.

Tomorrow we leave for vacation!  Hooray, yippee, wow, incredible……..


5 thoughts on “Excited”

  1. Zekie’s haircut looks so cute.  Nice job.  Elijah dear, what are you thinking???  I vote for a really late night for all the kids tomorrow.  Yeah, that will probably backfire.  See you tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. You’re probably on your way now….yay—hope you all have a wonderful time!!  Zeke’s haircut looks great, we’ve started using clippers b/c of all the squirming the boys do.  Very cool story–I love hearing stories like that…God is incredible!!   Again, have a great vacation, I’ll be praying the kids sleep in!!  =)

  3. You are on vacation right now!  Yay for you!  Zeke’s hair looks great.  Good on you.  That’s awesome that Chi swings himself now.  Ellie is also obsessed with swinging, but I have to do all the work still.  We’ll keep practicing that pumping thing.  I’m excited to see how all the upcoming changes will help things. 

  4. I have been thinking about you guys and your vacation all day.  I hope you’re having a wonderful time!!!!!  I’m with Deb – that swinging thing is awesome – Audra really hasn’t gotten it yet, and the swinging thing is all my work.  Again, I hope you’re having a GREAT time.

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