This is a long overdue post on our time away.  I have lots of other fun things to share with you, but hopefully I’ll get to another post soon after this one.  

It was great to get out of the city.  I loved the drive and seeing other parts of CR.  I’m obsessed with this tree….this picture does not do it justice.  It is a beautiful tree and I will get an incredible shot of it by the time we leave this country.  It is the national tree, the Guanacaste Tree.  When you look down on a whole lot of these trees, it looks like a canopy.  Underneath it provides so much shade, I’m obsessed with finding them everywhere we go.  They are everywhere….all over the city too. 


Vacation with three young kids really isn’t a vacation, but it had some fun moments.  My boys loved the beach.  I loved watching them enjoy it.  They loved jumping in the waves, making sand buildings and knocking them down (there was a lot more knocking down than building), finding hermit crabs, seeing fish and jelly fish, finding iguanas, climbing rocks, running, talking to anyone who’d talk back.  They had a blast.  They also enjoyed watching cartoons every morning….so Mama could get 20 or 30 minutes more sleep or a shower!   Here’s some of the fun our tax rebate paid for……

Em’s pink glasses.

Crazy, crazy sandy boy.  He was fearless.

Elijah was talking with silly voices during this little photo shoot.

This kid loves the sand.

Cute, sandy girl.

This one is to show off my tan…..the most I’ve had in years. 

Thomas the Train was the center of this building session. 

Yummy…..I love Malachi’s glance at Elijah. 

We celebrated Jil’s birthday while away.   I’m sure it will be memorable,  your daughter sticking a rock in her ear is a great present.  It was fun to see how excited the kids were to decorate and sing.  They all love birthdays!

These would be the silly faces Jil is making in the first video.  The last several months I’ve been collecting pictures of Jil’s silly and hilarious looks. Someday they will be viewed by all of you.

It’s so cute how Em has the same smile as Jil here.
IMG_8802.JPGAnd as the kid’s drifted to sleep that night and Jil and I were chillin’ on the couch, I saw some movement on the back of the couch out of my periferal vision.  I quickly jumped over the coffee table and shouted there’s something on the couch.  Rich thought I was over reacting, I said really there’s something there. Brian got up to look and waving my arms frantically, I squealed at Jil to join me on the other side of the coffee table too.  She quickly jumped up and Brian investigated.  He yells, I just saw something with claws.  Rich and Brian further move the little table behind the couch and find this……..


EEEEEK!  Brian hit it with his size 14 shoe, it fell to the floor.  SO  Rich swept it up…….

We thought it was dead, it didn’t move.  Rich tossed him outside on the grass.  The next morning after sharing the tale with the kids, Brian took the boys out to see it’s dead body.  He was in the same spot, thrashing his tail around trying to attack ants that were crawling on him.  HE WAS ALIVE……and the night before Brian and Jil and Rich were inches away from him looking and taking pictures!!!! 

Guanacaste is beautiful…..and as Malachi said while we were taking in a sunset……”God paints everything.”


Brian took some incredible shots of the sunsets.



6 thoughts on “Guanacaste”

  1. What fun sandy kids you guys have!!!  Looked like an absolutely beautiful place, Brian took some great pictures.  And sounded like a wonderful vacation, minus the scorpion, I wouldn’t do well around those.   OK I’d be freaking out.    You are so tan–my skin has sadly only known shades of white or red =)  And, I totally agree, not really vacation with three little ones…but sounded like you guys did the perfect trip for your family!! 

  2. I love what Malachi said “God paints everything.”  All your boys sound like such great little men.  The scorpion story just gave me the shivers and made me check the back on my couch…even though I’m sitting indoors in northern Colorado.  

  3. Incredible pictures! Awful scorpion! Glad you had a fun time! Would love to type more but I’m using one hand…baby in the other arm 🙂

  4. The Guanacaste tree really is cool.  I look forward to seeing many more pictures of them in the future.    What an awesome vacation.  I’m glad you got a video of the kids throwing Jil a birthday party.  Birthdays are so fun.  Jil has some crazy funny faces.  And you have QUITE an impressive tan!  Thanks for posting.  I hope your new schedule is working well for everyone. 

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