That would be one of the topics we talked about while at our training at MTI.  To describe it simply I’ll share with you how it was taught to the kids.  (I probably already shared this in a previous post, but you probably forgot =).  )  It was taught to the kids as a pair of ducks, there’s the yeah duck and the yuck duck.  When moving cross-culturally, there will be many yeah things and many yuck things.  It doesn’t make the experience not worth doing, it just makes the life your living a constant paradox.  Why am I going on about this, because I’m experiencing a really strong paradox today.  Orion Connor (I think I’m spelling his name correctly.)  came into the world today.  Jason and Erika had there baby boy.  I’m so happy for them and so incredibly sad I can’t be there to meet him.  Big sigh with big tears dripping down……

The last week and a half have been very different and very good.  I’ve been home with the boys in the morning and I go to school at 1:30 to 2:30 everyday.  The stress I was experiencing over not taking care of my kids and having good quality time with them has greatly diminished.  But the stress of learning a language is still as strong as ever.  I have more energy and more of a desire to study now and I have opportunities to practice with Ticos now too.  We’ve been going to that new park three to four days a week.  There are regular moms and grandmas.  I’m on a hello, how are you level right now.  I’m sure several of them would practice with me.  I’m working on questions and conversation starters.  (That would require me to write them down and cement them into my mind.)  Mishelle is another lady who will practice with me.  She’s the wife of a ILE student, she’s from Venezuela.  She brings her sweet little girl to the park, so she said she’d practice with me.  She also introduced me to some other ladies at the park.  I tried talking to one of them the following day and it was rough.  She didn’t seem as patient as others I’ve met, but that’s okay.

 I’ve really enjoyed getting on the floor and playing with the boys.  I just didn’t have time for it last trimester and Zeke wouldn’t let me do it.  He’d demand my attention with his tears for only me.  He’s been much more laid back.  He’ll play by himself and go to Brian.  He even was perfectly content without me when Rich and Jil watched our kids yesterday.  He still has his moments, but he’s different.  Oh yeah, while I’m at school, Brian watches the kids on Mondays and Fridays.  Virginia is watching them Tues, Wed, and Thurs.  Brian is out on his FARO route those days talking to Ticos.  Virginia loves it.  Malachi doesn’t nap much anymore, but has a rest time.  She’s been reading to him…we have a few Spanish books.  Brian and I bought some new ones yesterday.  Malachi loves the one on one time with her.  Elijah is sad when she’s gone by the time he wakes up from his nap.  This last week Zeke stayed asleep the whole time.  She is so happy to stay with them, she just lights up.  It’s very sweet.  She’s really good with them too.  I’ve heard other stories of empleadas just letting young kids do whatever they want.  Virginia will tell them no…..I’m so very glad of that.  She won’t let them do whatever they want.  So far, this new schedule is working out really well. 

In kid news…..

Ezekiel:  He can now say some form of “uh-oh”,  “Elijah”, “Papa”, and “Malachi.”  It’s so incredible.  He started saying “moo” with Jil yesterday.  He uses “this” and “that” all the time. Tonight instead of crying, he pointed at his cup of milk on the table and said, “that.”  What a breakthrough.  He is still as determined as ever and still loves to climb.  His newest trick (while I was getting ready the other morning), he climbed onto the toilet and then climbed on top of the tank of the toilet.  He then stood up!!!!  Such a little rascal. 

Elijah:  His days of filling landfills with dirty pull ups is now over.  By his request, he is wearing underwear to bed now.  We’ve been using gummy bears as an incentive to ask permission to do things. His whining has greatly decreased, but he still has a ways to go.  He doesn’t fully understand the concept that we initiate the giving because one of the questions he frequently asks is “Can I have a gummy, please?”  This kid still loves his boots.  Yesterday when I checked on him at nap time, he was asleep with his boots on and his head in the opposite direction with his boots on his pillow.  He loves his boots. 

Malachi:  This kid is into making up games right now, I think it is more to be in charge than anything.  He likes being in charge!  But he tries to get everyone he plays with to play whatever game he thinks up.  Last week he was outside with Alejandro (8) and Chris (13), our neighbors downstairs.  He was trying to boss them around and asked them to play Duck, Duck, Goose and Ring around The Rosies with him.  (At least it wasn’t made up).  Alejandro politely humored him and played Ring Around the Rosies.  Whenever we’re at the park, he tries to get kids or adults to play games with him. 


8 thoughts on “Paradox”

  1. I noticed a difference in all of your boys yesterday.  They just seemed filled-up emotionally- you made the right decision to stay home with them.  It’s awesome that Virginia enjoys taking care of them and that they love it too.  Maybe they’ll learn lots of Spanish from her.  Or at least Beauty and the Beast in Spanish 🙂  I’m sorry that your so far away from your family today.  I know it’s hard.  Thanks for sharing the happy news!  Have a great day tomorrow!

  2. After 4 years in France, I still feel the pull of wanting to be in two places at once (sometimes just wanting to be in one place). A hard, but needed reminder that this world is truly not our home. Prayed for you just now.

  3. Hooray for baby Orion!  That’s awesome.  I know what you mean about the sadness of not being there, though.  It’s so hard to be far away.  I’m so, so happy to hear that things are working out so well with your new schedule.  It just makes such a difference to have the kids’ stress level reduced.  It’s great that Virginia is so good with them, too.  That works out perfectly.  Yay for Elijah being done with pull ups.  That’s amazing.  And why am I not surprised to hear that Zeke was standing on the top of the toilet tank.  That boy is fearless.

  4. I can “hear”/read in your post that you feel more peaceful with the current school/home situation. It is great that you are enjoying time with your boys and they are doing well! Thanks for the update 🙂

  5. So good to read that things are going better.  I’m so glad the boys seem to be relaxing.  That’s just wonderful.  I’m sad for you about Erika’s baby.  So hard, and yet, congratulations to them.  I think you’re so brave initiating conversations at the park.  We pray for you all the time.

  6. It was so good to hear how you are doing…I could tell you have more peace and are enjoying this new schedule so much more, that is so wonderful!  Congrats to Jason and Erika!  I just prayed for you too, I’m so sorry you can’t be with them right now, man that’s gotta be hard.  Your updates on the boys were so fun to read…I was laughing about Malachi getting the kids to play with him, it sounds so funny as I’m picturing it–Ethan is very bossy too!!  Virginia sounds wonderful and that is awesome how you are starting up conversations at the park,  you go girl!!

  7. Congrats on your new aunt – ness.  Sorry it is bittersweet.  I hope this new schedule works out well for all of you.  Thanks for all the updates on the boys.  I love your haircut.  Glad you had a good time on “vacation.”  Think of you often.  

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