My kids say funny things all the time.  Sometimes I remember them and sometimes they are forever lost in space.  I’ve written a few down recently:

A few nights ago after putting the boys to bed,  I walked by their room and Elijah was out of his bed standing at the door with his blankie.  Elijah says, “I’m tired of this.”  I ask, “of what?”  He says, “Of sleeping.”

Today there was a storm during nap time.  Malachi says, “Turn that thunder down, Jesus.” 

Tonight at dinner the boys were being really loud…..well, really they are loud all the time.  We are working on them not being so loud at the table.  So Brian says to Chi, “you’re talking too loud.”  Chi says, “Yeah, but that’s how my voice sounds.”

Zekey is as cute as ever.  He follows simple directions we give him……like….give Papa a kiss goodnight,  put your cup in the sink, wash your face and hands(with a wipe or washcloth), let’s go brush your teeth (he goes to the bathroom).  In other cuteness, he loves trying to do whatever his big brothers are doing.  Sometimes they would prefer not to have his participation…..yesterday they were playing super heroes with their blankets tied around their necks as capes and Zeke went to his room to get his blanket. 

Today at church, we were sitting in front of the E’s and Elijah turned around to talk to Em.  He leaned over the chair to give her a kiss…..she leaned into him for one too.  Last week Malachi got a kiss from her too.  He gave her an ultimatum though, “in order to go in the cabinet, you have to give me a kiss.”  She turned around and puckered up.  It was super cute…..but won’t be so cute in a few years.  =)  I’m sure in a few years, we won’t have anything to worry about.

Some pictures of the cuties:

We had a blast with Emerson last weekend. 

Friday night is movie night for the E’s and the G’s….this night it was combined.  They were really into the movie.

EDIT:  Tonight while putting Elijah to bed there was more cuteness.  I say to Elijah, “you know you are going to be three soon.”  He says, ” Yeah, and I will get bigger and wash the dishes and call Rich and Jil(use the phone) and get on the computer.”


7 thoughts on “Cuteness”

  1. Your boys are super cute!!  I love hearing the things they come up with.  You’ll have to give me some tips on getting the boys to quiet down at the table, we’ve got the same issues….maybe it’s a boy thing?  

  2. Paragraph #4… I laughed REALLY hard.  That’s just hilarious.  Your boys are so cute.  Does your camera take video?  I would love to see videos of your life there, too.  And the boys in all their cuteness. 

  3. Oh thank you thank you for this post and all of the lovely photos!!! The boys are so adorable! I love Elijah’s comment on sleep! Jason and I are cracking up over that one. Oh my gosh my nephews are amazing!! I miss them so, all of you..miss you!!

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