It’s 7:15 am

Zeke just woke up.  He woke up around 6am and cried a little and went back to sleep!  Really miraculous.  Yesterday was the first day he didn’t get nursed ALL day!  I’m feeling so relieved.  I think he’s happy with just a cup of milk and didn’t demand me at all before nap in the afternoon and at bedtime.  Those were the two feedings I was still doing.  Really miraculous that he is basically sleeping through the night most nights…..almost consistently for the last 6 weeks.  Big sigh……..

Elijah is still asleep too.  Since I’ve been home this trimester, he’s adjusted to this new schedule.  He doesn’t wake up at 5am and stay awake.  He wakes up and comes into snuggle with me some and I move him back to his bed asleep or drowsy.  This is a miracle too.  His naps in the afternoon have shortened, but I’d rather that than the 5am alarm clock every morning. 

Great stuff.


3 thoughts on “It’s 7:15 am”

  1. Glad you’re getting more sleep. I love that, as moms, our lives seem to revolve around our kids’ sleep sometimes! It’s the first (sometimes only) question I get these dayys…”how is she sleeping?”

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