All day….well, almost all day, my boys have been cranky.  Chi and Lijah are sick…fever and sore throats.  We have a doctors appointment tomorrow.  Zeke had a fever a few days ago, but I noticed he is getting his top incisors.  Zeke has made me cranky today.  He’s a totally different little boy….he has discovered hitting within the last week.  He hits his brothers and Em(when we see her)  often.  It’s crazy!!!  He also does everything he’s not supposed to.   He turns the tv off and on, pulls on the telephone cable that goes up a doorpost.  He plays with the skype connection, he plays with the curtains…….it was non-stop today.  Crazy boy!  I’m really missing baby gates and our tv armoire…..they would be so totally useful right now.  With all the crankies, I was just feeling very claustrophobic in our small apartment today.  We were really needing some extra space today. 

I had some cute pictures of my sick boys all snuggly and asleep on the couch….but I gotta go study.  Maybe another day…….


3 thoughts on “Cranky”

  1. Oh, days like that are really rough! I hope the boys recover quickly. Here’s hoping Zeke’s getting into everything is just a short phase 🙂

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