Not a great day….

The rest of my week was much better from that last post.  I did my first conversation day about my family….I started with my parents and where I was born.  I was using all past tense. =)  Brian returned home….that was great.  He also brought gifts of toiletries(they are cheaper in the states) and peanut m&m’s and flip flops.  On Thursday afternoon, Jil, Jen and I got pedicures.  It was really fun and I laughed a lot.  I like laughing.  Friday was my first attempt at a Bible Study in Spanish.  As I was talking to Jen and Jil about this during our pedicures….I mentioned how I would probably be spending several hours on it later that evening.  I wasn’t sure what I should do it on…then it hit me.  I should use the 7 Signs of John, we used it in Philly and I’m very familiar with it and I’ll be using it when we go to Argentina too.  Jil proceeded to remind me that it was in Spanish at GBIM’s website.  I was very excited about this.  You may think I was cheating, but the point of this is for me to practice speaking.  It was great to have a skeleton to work with and then I had to fill in the rest. It was so fun to do this in Spanish….knowing this is real practice for the future.  It was a great refocusing moment for me….just a great reminder as to why  I am here.  Gabriela really liked it. She even took notes to use with a lady whom she is meeting with and sharing Jesus with.  Wow, that was a really encouraging day. 

Then there was today….our plan was to go to an Orchid Botanical Gardens.  It is by the airport, which is about a half hour drive.  Taking a taxi would be about $25, so we opted for the bus.  We were waiting at the bus stop and it was around 10am.  The first bus came by and it was completely full….the next bus passed right by us because it was full…..altogether five buses passed by jam-packed with people.  We were heading down town(Avenida Central), which is busting at the seams with people on the weekends.  We were going to pick up another bus there to take us to the Gardens.  At 10:30 we walked back to our place….big sigh.  It was extremely frustrating, I was so looking forward to doing something different and getting out of the house.  I was excited to do a family thing….and it was all dashed. 

Then we decide to go to HiperMas(Wal-Mart) in the afternoon after nap time.  We left about 3:30 and got to the store and there were no carts available.  None.  This store has a gazillion carts and about 50 of the kid kind with the big car in front.  Brian finally tracked one down.  I think every person who lived in San Jose was at HiperMas this afternoon….they all came from Avenida Central to Hipermas.  Never ever again will we go to HiperMas on a Saturday.  I was super annoyed with a lady who was cleaning the floors with a big machine floor waxer or cleaner thingie…..who’s idea was it for her to clean when every person in Costa Rica was shopping today……..clean the floors when there’s nobody there!

We get home about 5:15, drop off the groceries and head to 2×1 pizza, it’s right down the road from us.  It has a playground and it’s close.  So we get there and one of the delivery bikes was inside and a guy was working on it.  You could smell a little bit of exhaust inside.  The kids and I went upstairs to play, Brian ordered the pizza and then said something to the lady about the bike being iniside…she commented that it smelled.  A few minutes later the bike was moved.  (I like how she didn’t have a bad attitude, if we lived in Philly there would have been some dirty looks and nasty attitudes.)  We’ve been to this place a lot since we’ve been here, today we noticed mold growing on the wall and oh, the bike had spilled some oil on the floor…..inside.  So, we talked about tonight being our last time at that place. 

I’m looking forward to tomorrow….we are attempting the Gardens again.(I’m really hoping to get some great, great photos of some beautiful flowers!)  Brian has to do language field trips, I’m so glad he has to do these because it’s so fun to see different parts of the city/country. 

Something else I was going to add about this week and life living in another culture…..I got the boys to the doctor on Thursday and got a prescription for antibiotics.  I went to three pharmacies on Thursday and none of them had it.  The last one said they could have it the next morning….so I went to pick it up and they had it.  I was worried that they wouldn’t….and then what would I do.  Just so you know, there are many pharmacies within walking distance….I’m sure there were probably about five more I could have walked to.  I like that I can walk to them, I like that when they have the medicine you need you don’t have to wait hours for it, they take it right off the shelf and hand to you to pay for.  BUT I was frustrated when they didn’t have what I needed right away, Malachi was getting hives from whatever kind of infection he had….so anyway….they are getting better. 

In boy news…..
The other night at dinner Malachi was eating chicken and even asked for seconds, then it was time to eat his pasta (it had tomatoes and  mozzarella cheese and basil on them—he prefers it plain), so he said,  “My throat is screaming that he doesn’t want to eat the pasta.”  To which he proceeded to act like his throat was hurting really bad, he even started coughing….and of course said he had to go pee. 

Brian noticed when he got home that Elijah’s thinning out…he’s always been very thick….and well I gotta take some pictures, he does look taller and thinner. 

And then there’s Zeke….he can out eat Chi an Lijah any day.  The kid loves food.  Whenever Virginia is making dinner(but it’s our lunch time), he makes his way to the kitchen and puts his arms up for her to pick him up and he says, “mida”  for comida… least I think he’s saying that.  She’s gives him some and then he sits down and eats a complete meal at lunch.  At dinner he eats more than his brothers combined……and he’s thick…really thick.  And his shoe size is now between 5 and 6…….Malachi was wearing a five at like 22 months…….Zeke is one big boy.  Maybe he’ll be taller than his brothers or at least his feet will be bigger than theirs.  

Off to watch a movie with my husband………


One thought on “Not a great day….”

  1. I’m insanely behind on comments.  I think you have four posts since the last time I commented.  But I keep reading them.  And I keep praying for you.  I read about your day and just groaned.  Oh, man, I’m so sorry.  Days like that are just draining in every way.  I’m sorry you didn’t make it the next day, either.  I hope you get there eventually.  And that it is wonderful when you do.  Chi at the table is hilarious.  I’m glad his throat wasnt literally screaming.    Ellie has to go potty during every meal.  It’s always right when I say she has to finish her peas or carrots or what not.  Kids are funny.

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