Attempt number 2 got us downtown at about 8:50am this morning, but then we walked around for about 45 minutes trying to find the right bus stop to take us out to the Botanical Gardens.  We found three different bus stops but never quite figured out which bus was the right one to take. Okay…well we think we figured out which one but we got there 15 minutes after it left.  The next one left in an hour and well, that was just too long  for us to wait.   Brian asked many people along the way for help….some were helpful, some not so helpful.  We walked around Avenida Central, played in some grassy areas and ate a snack and got home about 11 o’clock.  I wasn’t frustrated this time, just sad.  I’ve really been needing to get out of the city and see and smell something different.  Brian liked the adventure, but we were all pretty wiped from all the walking. 

Some pictures…..

Brian and the boys putting together their first airplane model.  The boys did a lot of watching, but were still very excited about it.

Zekey loves wearing Elijah’s boots….

The boys on their backyard adventures today…..

Happy Papa’s Day….we love you Brian. 


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